News Update August 2019

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jsntgm 037 Punch Drunk – Sassy CD
Gram Blackwell (Cape Canaveral) teams up with Colette (The Smears/You Want Fox) and Ben (Drag The Lake/King Of Pigs) to create the wonderful Punch Drunk.

The band’s 10 track debut brings forth tantalising flavours from bands such as Husker Du, Sugar, Jawbreaker, Moving Targets, Lemonheads, Buffalo Tom, Texas Is The Reason ..... so what is there not to like about this release ?

This Nottingham based band really do produce some great, melodic and powerful tunes. The album starts with the catchy bass and grinding guitar introduction of the excellent Chump Change which is complemented with some great lead and backing vocals. Then leading into the disarming acoustic introduction of Wrecking Ball, these two tracks take you on an enjoyable journey of well-produced mid-paced, fast and slow tunes.

This release has a great guitar sound throughout and is backed all the way by a strong rhythm section and intermittent backing vocals particularly Colette’s backing on Migraine. All in all this 10 track CD all works really well with Quilt and Lane being two additional stand out tunes to look out for it’s well worth checking out.

Sassy – JSNTGM 037 – also available on CD and download via

Recorded at The Moot Group by Johnny Carter 
Produced by Johnny Carter & Andy Jones 
Mastered at Tenko Studios by Jay Graham

News Update July 2019

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jsntgm 039 Rebellion 2019 Introducing Bands – Compilation – 50 bands CD

This is the third year of the JSNTGM Rebellion compilation. It’s a great introductory taster to get a feel for all the new bands before you see them live in Blackpool 2019.  That said if you get it after the festival then this multi-functional CD device can now be utilised equally well as a retrospective document of the bands …

The Outlines - Heres To You
Fluffy Machine - Wigidiwho
Abrakadabra - Heavy Hitters
Shöck - La Fabritca De Los Suicidas
Scandal - Pay Back Day
Latte+ - Phocomelic Boy
The Bolokos - I Don't Care
The Spitters - I Can Call The Bomb
Woke Up Dead - Kate
Codename Colin - Losing Touch
Incisions - War In Your Head
Garrafa Vazia - Geração Yogurte
Martyrials - Are You Having Fun
Nofnog - Manifest of Thieves
Brocker - Gimme Gimme Rock N Roll
Nosebleed - Time and Time Again
Sour Bitch - Survive
Dops - Mate-me Por Favor (Please Kill Me)
Karl Phillips And The Rejects - Pink Champagne
The Backstreet Abortions - Texas Heat
The Dopamines - Ire
The Signal - Black Sheep
Bigg - The Boy With No Face
Pussy Liquor - Lady Wank
Rats From A Sinking Ship - Kill One Kill Two

Rebel Station - Buzzword Bullshit
Lead Shot Hazard - Current State Of Play
Cockwomble - Want Stuff Buy Stuff
Hellfury - Nomad
Dead Objectives - Holy War
I, Doris - The Girl From Clapham
Habits - Casualties
The Bois - Cowards
Crimedesk - Arms Race
Overload - Lumpenprole
Sugar Louise - I Don't Wanna Be Me
The Shit Talkers - Ewwww
The Bloodstrings - Born Sick
Bad Ass - They Don’t Care
Battalion Zoska - 80's Kid
Trigger McPoopShute - Going Backwards
Dead Mob -  Take Me
Filhos de Inácio - Viva La Cerveza, Fuma La Juana
Petty Phase - Different For Girls
Rats Nest - Oi!nk Oi!nk (Piggy Motherfucka)
Rotten Foxes - Work
Teresa Banks - You're The Problem
The Muffin Heads - Fuck & Fight
Tokyo Taboo - No Pleasure Only Pain
Asfixia Social - Get Ready

A big thanks to Johnny Wah Wah in getting together all the material from bands.

Also available on CD and download via

News Update July 2019

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jsntgm 038 Kids on The Street – Compilation – 15 bands CD
Put together by Jon, Brian, Victoria and Jez for Rebellion 2019 this 17 track fundraiser for homeless charities Streetlife and CRISIS features music donated FOC by punk bands and artists from around the world.

Angelic Upstarts  - Kids On The Streets
System Of Hate - Kiss The World
Jello Biafra - Burgers of Wrath
Jonny & The Mental Breakdowns - Let's Raise A Beer
Radical Dance Faction - RU1
Vice Squad - Cardboard County
Pete Bentham & The Dinner Ladies - Controlled By Buildings
The Awkwards - Being Awkward
U.K. Subs - Rebellion Song
Subalternos - Aos Verdadeiros
One Way System - Believe Yourself
Millie Manders - Monster
Pizzatramp - There's Been A Murder
The Ramonas - Cotton Wool Kids
The Bar Stool Preachers - Don't Let The Door Hit You On The Way Out
Angelic Upstarts - King of The Rats

CD also features Wrong Shoes by Sugary and Neville Staple

An article on the album is available on

Also available on CD and download via

News Update April 2019

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jsntgm 034 Higgins + The Magic of the Marketplace – Dream Consumer Dream 12” vinyl (clear yellow) and CD
This is a record of 11 of 53 songs written and recorded by Andy Higgins in 2018 – will the other 42 ever see the light of day - - possibly not. So far it has received one review which summarises it below. Comes with poster and lyric sheet to help solve the puzzle on the album cover and rear.

Andy Higgins is a doofer, he has his hands in many pies and is a ruddy amiable chap - I like that!   He is primarily part of that advancing 3-piece known as Litterbug, a very underestimated band that are on something of a rise and starting to turn a few good heads this way and that - I like that too.  Here the man is dabbling again, I think for some there is no hope - what a wonderful situation that is!   The band under the spotlight I know sweet FA about, I go in as cold as Pope John Paul's left testicle and as eager as a fat kid in a pie shop.  I will give what everyone expects - 100% effort, 100% honesty, 100% belief - if that ain't enough then so be it - I am a mere dog chomping and trying, not one lying in a basket waiting for the master to create an easy life!

'Emily Goes To Public School' twinkles in, picks up on the general drive and pushes on with a strained vocal style that compliments the tight and orderly musical arrangement that gives very little away and always appears taut and played with a good thermal focus.  The skins react to the rhythm with a spark of naturalness, the 2 sided wire work copulates with inseparable unity and as a result we get a solid opening track that simmers with frustration at those with silver spoons acting like goons and destroying the realms of the half-decent.  I play the track several times over, get more drawn into the architecture of the song and further appreciate the general construction - tidy workmanship I reckons.  'Again And Again' takes to the throne of noise making, vocally struggles like a constipated crapper of cacophony before a release valve is moved, a repeat of the song title had and laxative induced lilts come.   The song is simply curled down, is laden with nutritious weight, stinks better when oral poison is spat.  This snippet is short, placed in this second position does it no harm - it gets one replaying, discovering and enjoying the impetus of the CD thus far.  'Insane World' is a perfect follow up, gently alters tack, gives an emotive enhancement and works with a severe sweat on the brow.  All areas are pushed, pressurised and yet given room to breathe.   With such intensity the players do well to keep all areas clear, functioning as one and contributing to a very convincing piece of zoned in music of delicacy and latent power.  I think this one completes a firm and variety riddled opening hat-trick - I play over and over just for good measure!

'The Weather Changed (An Ode To Litterbug)' begins with some inane Monk-ish choir spouting an oral illness that throws me off at a dangerous angle (Stanley Unwin - can you help in any way).  The song proper eventually kicks in, has a biting verse, a mild chorus, all the while scaffolded by some hot-roasted guitar work and up-tempo stick work.   The impetus here is the winning factor, the song is well-blown and kept on its toes by musicians looking to uphold a set standard - it just scrapes by.  'Remember Me', is an emboldened number with some marvellous accents and a double headed he/she delivery that really encapsulates the insights and creative juices the players are using.  The opening synthed spices set the jowls salivating, the dish proffered does not disappoint.  What a complete and invigorating number this is, and taking us into the sharp and snatching 'Celebrity Is Dead' with the standard still very high.  This one stutterguns, nails a few facts for you to mull over and slowly rises to a gratifying boil with a handclap of delight that the A-list shits and the like, are indeed dead (if only).  Too many at the top and bottom of the heap make Gods and this creates this situation called 'celebrity' - it is a realm built on ego, weakness and need - and baffles my fuckin' bonse.   This is the most venomous song thus far, really pierces the epidermal layer and injects home its pertinent point - lovely!

We head down the highly anticipated homestretch with the guiding hand of 'We Are Not The Rolling Stones', this is a restrained song and the main gratification I get from the rhythmic gift is when the band let themselves go via a bittersweet chorus that reminds you of the stance, the position, the way in which this music is created.  I do struggle to get fully upbeat about this one although it is a quite steady track.  I feel just a few extra embellishments are needed and a bit more juice in the mixing desk.  As per - tis a personal viewpoint but for me, there are better offerings on this fine CD.  'Visiting The City' grinds matters out and after the opening hollers and exposure of inner pride this creation travels on well-perked heels and with chest swollen, duly gets on with matters.  The swish of the sonic sabre cuts the attentive flesh, forces a bleeding response of sanguine acceptance and as we nod along it is safe to say the band are in a sound comfort zone here, not taking any risks and doing things of a solid and reliable standard.  Not the best song on the CD, not the worst, one of those moments where one just thinks 'yeah, safe man, safe' - tis no bad thing!

'Lord Sugar Will See You Now' begins with a soundbite, jumps in and then indulges in a Rainbow-esque eruption that perhaps is a moment of inspiration or a sign of aging heads getting generic values confused.  It is a nice moment and kick-starts a more than adequate song that makes one consider why we should wait 'on the man' and not get up and just keep on doing it ourselves.   The movement here is once again, well-muscled and fluent, the switch to the mid-muso break is liquid, the blend of all components highly meritorious, the more I rotate this one, the more effect it has - the A OK sign is sincere!  'Movie Star' rolls in, pulses, softens the impending blow with some soothing ghostly whoo's before the chug comes, a first verse and a sub-chorus take the reins and we are left in the midst of a very reliable song.  The undulation of the emotive touch is spot on, the effort in the chorus equally so and this for me is a strong penultimate piece that gets better and better with every play - a subtle grower for sure.   We close this intriguing collection with 'Sunshine Every Day', a marvellous uplifting spurt of defiance that travels hard, travels true and finishes the CD on a very assured and measured note laden with good music-making talent.  The 4 count, the focused and pushing verse, the blatant refusal to buckle and the thermal sanguinity that blesses the bonses of the confident all win my favour.  This is a sinewy showing, a solid punctuation mark on a CD that has met the expectations and given some nice surprises.

That is that, Mr Higgins is a gent, a talented man and a thinker - it ain't no bad way to be and here these qualities pay fine dividends.  For me, this CD needs seeking out by all and sundry as it breaks away from the regular punk strain, brings an earnest quality to the stage and all I need do now is book these buggers for a 'live' show - Mr Higgins - nudge bloody nudge sir and well done to all involved.

Also available on CD and download via

News Update July / August 2018

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In Dire Fucking Straits - January’s Kids on Tangerine vinyl. IDFS’s debut 10 track album is now available. for free streaming on our Bandcamp page ..... the vinyl will be shipped from early August.

IDFS was originally created as a project to help raise money for Blackpool FC supporters sued at the hands of the Evil Oystons - hence the band’s name.

One band member (Raggy - whose favourite band is the proper In Dire Straits) was an early victim in Blackpool’s ongoing civil war against the Oystons and was fined £40,000 in the civil courts

To date the band has played only one gig and it should be noted that this album contains traces of nutcases  and is ideally suited for the more discerning football hooligan.

News Update July / August 2018

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Rebellion 2018 Double CD : A 50 track double CD of bands debuting at this August’s Rebellion Festival Introducing Stage is now available. 

For free streaming on our Bandcamp page ..... the CD will be released early August (assuming they get pressed  in time) and will be on sale outside the Introducing Stage and also at the pre-shows and after shows and the local store Records n Relics ..... 

Hope you enjoy it - we think there are some brilliant tracks from some ace bands - can't wait to see them live - check out their stage times on the Rebellion website . Big thanks to Jonny Wah Wah, UK Nige, Chopper (BeePea) and Michael the Music Man for all their help putting it together  ....

News Update July 2018

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JSNTGM on Bandcamp : Thanks to the hard work and diligent efforts of UK Nige (SICK56) all the labels’ releases are now FREE OF CHARGE for unlimited listening on our  page.

As well as all the old releases this includes our compilation CD’s such as the Ugly Truths About Blackpool 1 and 2 and the Rebellion 2017 and 2018 releases. We are constantly tinkering to make this a good and accessible resource so any feedback on how we can improve it is appreciated (andy @ jsntgm. com - without the spaces)

News Update May 2018

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Blackpool Rox II : the printed version of the long running fanzine which in its earlier incarnations (Blackpool Rox and Rox) stretched back to the heady days of a pre-Blairist Labour government and the dawn of Thatcherism is proving to be a bit too much of a challenge.

We have compiled interviews from bands such as The X-Ray Eyes, No Thrills and Adult Magic  but owing to a lack of human bandwidth and repeat occurrences of TBD we have been unable to get BRII issue 12 sorted. TBH the prospect of printing off and hoiking around hundreds of copies to sell at gigs is a little bit daunting ..... so as much as we are lovers of ‘the fanzine’ we would like to extend our apologies to all who have either sent us review material or were looking forward to our printed matter as we have no idea or plans as to when the next issue will appear.

News Update April 2018

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Litterbug : 4 track EP on Red Vinyl ‘Countdown to Schadenfreude’ is now available. Recorded in one afternoon session at Rock Hard (Blackpool) and mixed by Alan Gregson (West Orange) somewhere in France this new release captures the inner workings of The Stuart Diggle Experience at its angular best.

The quirky trio continue spreading their non-linear perspectives to audiences throughout the UK and mainland Europe with dates available from their Facebook Page : @litterbugblackpool Events.

News Update May 2017

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Website update – May 2017

Hello from Rox Towers on The Gold Coast in The Entertainment Capital of the World. There are a few new JSNTGM releases from Litterbug, Stay Clean Jolene and In Dire Fucking Straits out in June / July 2017.

Rebellion 2017 CD : After lengthy discussion JSNTGM will also be releasing a compilation of new bands from this year’s Rebellion Festival. Hopefully this will be the first in an annual a document of the many new bands that come to Blackpool each summer. All these bands can be checked out live on the Introducing Band Stage this August.

Also check out our Saturday Morning Punk Rock Show (SMPRS – all on You Tube) – we are up to 40 shows so far adding one each week : recent ones that have been viewed more than once are IDFS Tyrants and The Streets of Blackpool (Andy Higgins) - to be featured on a compilation CD for Blackpool Charity Streetlife. Rox II Fanzine – Issue 12
We are putting together the next edition of Blackpool Rox fanzine – some of the featured bands will be Leatherface, Grand Pop, Adult Magic, No Thrills, I Destroy, Punchdrunk, Weekend Recovery and The X-Ray Eyes. What an exciting line up you all cry !


News Update January 2017

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Website update – January 2017

Sorry for the delay in updating – the Black Dog took up residence in ‘Rox Towers’ for a few months but now thankfully seems to be on its way.

The ‘Saturday Morning Punk Rock Show’ (SMPRS …)

The ‘Saturday Morning Punk Rock Show’ (SMPRS) is our latest DIY offering – recorded on an I-Phone every Saturday morning strangely enugh. The Ghost of the North West Coast (GOTNWC) pretty much runs the show and is always happy to take requests  ….

18 ‘Ghosts of the North West Coast’

SMPRS 1 – Shake it Off (Taylor Swift)
SMPRS 2 – Holiday in Cambodia, Moon Over Marin, Police Truck (Dead Kennedys)
SMPRS 3 – Boys of Summer (Don Henley)
SMPRS 4 – Titanium (David Guetta)
SMPRS 5 – Garage-man-land (The Clash)
SMPRS 6 – England Belongs to Me (Cock Sparrer)
SMPRS 7 – Captain (Biffy Clyro)
SMPRS 8 – Martin (Snuff)
SMPRS 9 – Sound of Silence (Simon and Garfunkel)
SMPRS 9 – Nickels and Dimes (Social Distortion)
SMPRS 10 – Are we Mormon$ or Karsten Janckers$ (Killers / Fillers)
SMPRS 12 – Sunshine Every Day
SMPRS 13 – A Song for Jeremy (it came to me in a dream)
SMPRS 14 – The Most Dangerous Place is Inside Your Head
SMPRS 15 – Movie Star
SMPRS 16 – An Xmas Song
SMPRS 17 – Know Your Enemy (Tory Corner)
SMPRS 18 – Ghosts of the North West Coast
SMPRS 19 – Poison in Your Veins (Sick56)

Blackpool Rox Fanzine – issue 11

The latest edition of Blackpool Rox fanzine is available for FOC download or buy a copy via snail-mail for £2.00 plus £1.00 postage (use paypal –

New Releases for 2017

Music from SICK56, Stay Clean Jolene and Litterbug are all in the offing – CD or vinyl who knows as yet ?

News Update April 2016

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Apologies for the lack of information lately, things have been moving slowly but hopefully they are now clicking back into place. FYI we raised £250 for Streetlife from the last issue of Blackpool Rox. We are starting to work on the next issue, if you have anything you would like to submit please get in touch here.

Stay Clean Jolene – have a new drummer whose first outing will be supporting Dillinger 4 at the Dome on the 28th April.  

We will be working the SCJ merchandise stand on the night so please come up check out the band’s CD, single and t-shirts and more importantly say hello -

SICK56 – The boys will be playing with Anti-Pasti, Cosmic Slop, The Drop Out Wives, Alpha State of Mind and Litterbug at Brian Reddington’s 50th Birthday Party bash at The Waterloo (Blackpool) this weekend (April 23rd) – as well as being St George’s and Shakespeare’s big day it’s also UK Nige’s birthday, so come along and celebrate with all of us – should be fun.

Erase Today  – unearthed footage of 3 songs. Two tracks from the Colour Sound and Vibration CD (1997). Where Angels Tread and Feels Like Rain with footage from the band’s first ever gig and a live version of

The Unknown  (The Farmers Arms 1994).

– New CD / EP ‘Artistic Harrasment’– check out what Soundshark have to say. . You can order the CD for £3.75 including P&P by PayPal or snail-mail cash to Rox Towers.

Andy Higgins –A brief 1 min 22 seconds rendition of a new one which got a few more likes than normal on Facebook. Possibly a new song for SICK56, unlikely it will ever be a Litterbug song, maybe a post-Erase Today or Higgins++ song or forever just a work in progress .. who knows ? .

Blackpool FC – THE STRUGGLE CONTINUES. As the despicable owners continue to pursue fans through the civil courts for the crime of ‘speaking out’ please support our Justice for Fans sponsored walk this Saturday ( – they will not silence us.  

We also have a community march (Judgement Day 2) on April 30th at 10.30 am setting off from the Blue Room along the promenade to Bloomfield Road. Fans of all clubs are welcome to join us along with the scooter out-riders, a brass band and thousands of local people in sticking two fingers up at the owners who seem intent on teaching the supporters a lesson by running it into the ground. First they ignored us, then they mocked us, then they fought us – then we won ! Oyston Out !

News Update 11-09-15

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JSNTGM News Update – September 2015
Blackpool Rox Fanzine – Streetlife Charity

The new issue (number 10) of Blackpool Rox II fanzine is absolutely dribbling out J - possibly 1 or 2 a week ! It’s £2 a copy with £1 from each copy also going to local charity Streetlife ( and get them at local gigs or via PayPal ( – please add £1 for postage  - or by snail mail c/o the usual ROX TOWERS, FY3 etc. address. This issue includes interviews with Stay Clean Jolene, Epic Problem, Pete Walsh from Milo books, Punk Football …..

Blackpool Music Festival is coming around next month with over 200 bands playing across the weekend of 3rd / 4th October –  We are involved on the Saturday night at the Cedar Tavern – Andy Higgins is playing 3 shows in 3 hours – a solo slot at 7.30, then with the North Korea’s finest ‘Litterbug’, finally with the greatest come-back since Lazarus ‘SICK56’ – so please come along and support us. You can get a copy of the fanzine and our latest JSNTGM releases (if you are really brave).

News Update 07-08-15

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JSNTGM News Update – August 2015
Rebellion 2015 – Blackpool Rox Fanzine – Streetlife Charity

Over 200 bands are playing at the annual Rebellion Punk Festival in Blackpool this weekend. It’s the biggest punk festival in the world and brings a lot of good things to the town.

The full line up and the energy it creates means lots of other gigs are taking place every night and day in pubs and clubs, all around the town centre.

This year Rebellion is supporting the local Blackpool charity Streetlife - the charity is being badly affected by the austerity cuts so it is a worthwhile cause ‘providing support, help, and direction to vulnerable young people’.

You can also contribute to Streetlife or maybe get involved via and www.wearestreetlife.orgCopies of Blackpool Rox II Fanzine (issue 10) will also be on sale from tomorrow for £2 with £1 from each copy also going to Streetlife.

You can also order copies by post via PayPal ( and please don’t forget to add £1 for postage.

News Update 09-04-15

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JSNTGM News Update – April 2014

Things have been extremely busy at Rox Towers lately – it’s all reviews, releases, gigs, a new issue of Blackpool Rox and our General Election campaign in Blackpool South – read on.

Our two latest releases are both doing really well. All the reviews for The Stay Clean Jolene’s album have been terrific – even Razorcake liked it FFS !  The boys are busy writing material for their follow up album and will be playing the Scene Better Days Fest in Leeds on July 11th  the Summer Monster Mash Fest Stamford Lincolnshire June 20th. Soon after their sojourn to some delightful venues in the North East with the wonderful Bear Trade, Holiday are heading south with gigs in Bristol, Brighton, Norwich and that there London in May – they are looking to fill a few more dates so get in touch with them via their FB page if you can help. SICK56 are back out and gigging and writing new material after a 5 year hiatus– their next slot is with Peter and The Test Tube Babies at The Layton, Blackpool on Sunday 3rd May.

Amongst other notables such as SCJ, our friends and fellow disc / label mates of Holiday Epic Problem have an interview in the upcoming issue of Blackpool Rox (10) which should be out later this month. It is a politics, football and election issue with pieces from John Bentham, Steve Rowlands, John Robb Jenni Russell Smith, Johnny Wah Wah and local Blackpool boy Peter Walsh from the very excellent Milo Books plus all the usual irreverent reviews, chatter and blogs. There are also some previously unpublished old-school photos courtesy of Steve Farmery of Black and White Pool entitled ‘Football in the Community’. You will be able to order copies via the jsntgm website very soon  ….

We have also been busy adding to the good disease and have had a few reviews published in the likes of Maximum Rock and Roll  – see the Afro-Punk review elsewhere on the site, an upcoming (almost completed) interview with the wonderful Alex Ogg about all things Dead Kennedys after his ‘Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables the early years’ published on PM last year, and articles in Tangerine News and soon (hopefully) Stand AMF.

Other news is that Andy Higgins is standing as an INDEPENDENT candidate in the upcoming General Election of May 2015. We have a website (vote4andy), Facebook and Twitter accounts so if you can visit them to help us get some wider publicity that would be great. We are campaigning for change and standing against the very business and political elites that have left this town to spin into a vicious cycle of decline. If elected Andy will be giving 50% of his Parliamentary income to community based initiatives in the most deprived wards in the constituency of Blackpool South – when he challenged his fellow candidates at a recent hustings event to do the same, the responses were not forthcoming. The campaign was kicked of the local football supporters trust (BST) which has more members in the local area than all 4 major political parties added together. Feel free to attend our campaign events, stunts, canvassing days and the weekly riots / protests at Bloomfield Road against the heavily protected Oyston Family (for what they are doing to our local community) ….. Watch out for us on the evening of May 7th #expectus. You can also catch Andy for a post-election de-brief when he plays the acoustic stage at Blackpool’s Rebellion Festival on Saturday 8th August.

News Update 24-09-14

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News Update

Upcoming releases include Stay Clean Jolene’s S/T album  (JSNTGM 028) – will be released on CD in conjunction with Bombed Our Records from Leeds, and the vinyl will be released courtesy of Drunken Sailor (UK) and Dead Broke (US). The delay is purely down to the backlog at the pressing plant but I can assure you that it will be worth the wait as it is a great record. Really looking forward to getting it out. SCJ are playing this Friday 26th September at Manchester’s Ruby Lounge with Snuff and Mr Shiraz- should be a cracker.

After their first appearance at this summer’s Rebellion Festival Blackpool’s Dinosaurs are Shit Dragons are planning a new release on the label. Similarly expect to see vinyl releases by Scouts and Allofusondrugs who have just concluded a joint UK tour and hopefully an upcoming split with Epic Problem and Holiday which is somewhere in the pipeline. Some late but good local news is that old JSNTGM stable mates SICK56 are back in full training and will hopefully be getting some new material out in early 2015. Keep an eye on for updates n gigs and activities.

As part of the Blackpool Music Festival 2014 Andy Higgins (yes that’s me) will be doing an afternoon slot at HMV Blackpool and then a solo show at Blackpool Cricket Club on Saturday 11th October – there are over 100 bands and artists involved over the weekend which runs across 20 participating venues – see John Bamborough’s for up to date information and listings …

News Update 20-02-13

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News Update

The latest interview in the ‘Never Mind the Politics, Here’s the Music’ with Jello Biafra (Dead Kennedys – Lard – Guantanamo School of Medicine) is available on – two x 10 minute videos covering everything from the politics of the counterculture and the emergence of punk ……. to its corporatisation during the 90’s and beyond. All Jello’s answers were unrehearsed first takes straight off the bat  – pretty amazing really.

The debut 7” single by Stay Clean Jolene (jsntgm 026) is available …. 3 track e.p. is released in conjunction with our friends at Drunken Sailor (UK), Eager Beaver (Japan) and Rad Girlfriend (USA) features members of Great St Louis and Leif Ericsson.

The debut 7” single by Holiday (jsntgm 027) should be available March/April 2013  …. 4 track e.p. on green vinyl will be released in conjunction with the good people at Pumpkin Records (UK), Lost Cat (USA), Brassneck (UK), Anti-Korper Export (Germany) featuring members of Great St Louis, Autonomads, Black Star Dub Collective and Dead Subverts.

Blackpool’s quirky alternative trio Litterbug are recording new material which will hopefully be out in time for Rebellion (this will be a belated but welcomed follow up to their ‘Speaking Through the Gaps’ release – jsntgm 019) and we also hope to have some debut material from the rather clandestine ‘We Are Mormon$’.

Thanks once again for paying attention – and remember your doubts are the real traitors !

News Update 10-09-12

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News Update

Keeping you all  posted in what is going on in the world of justsaynotogovernmentmusic records.

  1. We are filming a series of interviews for our documentary project ‘Never Mind the Politics – Here’s The Music’. First up is Tim Smith  (The Adverts, Cheap, TV Smith and the Valentines) - and we are currently editing interviews with Jello Biafra, Dick Lucas, Steve Drewett, John Robb and they should be on line soon.

With people asking 'where are the modern protest songs ?' and 'what has happened to political music?’ is politics disappearing from popular music culture ? Check out the links below and decide if politics really is being bleached out of music culture ... or is just operating in different and less obvious ways.

Part 1

Part 2

  1. Our next scheduled release (jsntgm 026) is the debut 7” single from Stay Clean Jolene. It’s a cracking 3 track e.p. featuring members of Great St Louis and Leif Ericsson. We are releasing this in conjunction with our friends at Drunken Sailor, Eager Beaver and Rad Girlfriend – should be out in October 2012.

Keep warm, keep in touch and keep paying attention …..

News Update 16-08-12

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Never Mind the Politics – Here’s The Music’ on-line video documentary

This the first in a series of interviews with influential musicians filmed by Andy Higgins and Steve Pennington.

First up is TV Smith – (The Adverts, Cheap, TV Smith and the Valentines) filmed at Rebellion Festival Blackpool ….
soon to be followed by interviews with Jello Biafra (Dead Kennedys, Lard, Guantanamo School of Medicine), Dick Lucas (Subhumans, Culture Shock, Citizen Smith), Steve Drewett (Newtown Neurotics), John Robb (Membranes, Goldblade) and lots more.

The Project - With questions such as, 'where are the modern protest songs ?' and 'what has happened to political music?' becoming increasingly common, there is a growing realisation that politics is gradually disappearing from popular music culture. By interviewing figures from across a variety of musical genres, we want to hear their views and to learn if politics really is being bleached out of music culture ... or is just operating in different and less obvious ways.

'Never Mind the Politics .... Here's the Music' seeks to understand if popular music still offers hope for nurturing and recovering the 'political' in an increasingly 'anti-political age'.

News Update 03-04-12

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We are pleased to announce that Zounds are re-visiting the little homestead of Blackpool on Sunday April 29th 2012.
Zounds last reformed played Blackpool in August 1996 at the inaugural Holidays in the Sun festival.

Releasing records from the late 1970’s on the Crass label, Rough Trade and more recently on Over-ground Records Zounds are one of the most interesting and original bands to have emerged from the UK anarchist punk scene.

Zounds are playing at the Talbot Club on Sunday 29th April with support from Litterbug (Blackpool), Hated Til Proven (Manchester) and Privileged Word (Blackpool).

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News Update 14-01-12

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The Magnificent are a punk rock trio from West Yorkshire, England. We sing about stuff that affect our lives. Important things like coal mining, Royal Weddings, the decline of modern civilisation, cutting down trees, playing squash and being in love. 

Our new album 'Bad Lucky' is our second full LP. There is a lot of global unrest at the moment, and people of our generation don't know what to do with their lives.  The album is about how a generation struggles to emulate the feats of their parents, ‘the baby boomers’. Everyone is poor these days and everyone struggles to meet the cost of living. The album is about being born into a world ruled by economics that no-one truly understands or has control of.

'The Mags' started in 2007 and the current line-up is Matt (guitar, vocals), Jimmy (bass, vocals) and Charlie (drums). Our first LP 'Pay The Crimes' came out on Boss Tuneage in 2009. Since then, we have had the pleasure of playing with some of our favourite bands; Leatherface, Hot Water Music, D4, The Bomb, Snuff, Chuck Ragan, Noise By Numbers, Bangers, to name a few. We get compared to The Clash, Rancid, Pinhead Gunpowder, Stiff Little Fingers, Billy Bragg and Social Distortion. We like this.

We are a DIY band and do all of our touring in our spare time, in our holidays and we manage ourselves. We even wrote this press release.

Album info:


1.    1981
2.    Foreign Legion
3.    Song For Lauren
4.    Working Men’s Club (Part 3)
5.    Hold My Drink Up High
6.    BBQ & Grasshoppers
7.    Longshot
8.    Buy More Crap
9.    Walk A Mile In My Jeans
10.   King Of The Denim Jackets

Jimmy Islip: Vocals / Bass Guitar
Matt Colmer: Vocals / Guitar
Charlie Batten: Drums

Backing vocals on track 2 and 9 by Mark Magill from Down & Outs
Vocals on track 3 by Lauren LoPiccolo
Vocals on track 4 by Denis Buckley, formely of 88 Fingers Louie
Backing vocals on track 5 by Jeff Pezzati and Jeff Dean of Naked Raygun and The Bomb
Hammond Organ on track 3 by Rob Taylor. 

Recorded and mixed at Million Yen Studios, Chicago by Jeff Dean in October 2010 / January 2011, with additional recording at Whitewood Studios, Liverpool with Robert Whiteley. Mastered by Joe Osborne. Artwork by Ben Whittington.

Contact / media

Write to us at
Band website:
twitter @paythecrimes
See the video for '1981' below;

'Bad Lucky' is released via Drunken Sailor Records / Just Say No To Government Music Records in the UK, in Japan via Eager Beaver Records and in the USA by Dirt Cult Records.

Drunken Sailor Records:
Just Say No To Government Music Records:
Eager Beaver Records:
Dirt Cult Records:

For more copies of this CD and their previous release ‘Pay The Crimes’ please contact :

(Worldwide)  Andy Higgins at justsaynotogovernmentmusic on

For copies of the vinyl please contact :

(UK / Europe) Julian at Drunken Sailor on
(US) Chris at Dirt Cult on
(Japan) Akihiro at EAGER BEAVER RECORDS  on



News Update 18-07-11

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You Tube Video from Higgins++


News Update 31-05-11

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The first update for a while friends - apologies for our academically enforced absence - however we are back with sharpened intellectual knives and critcal faculties to rejoin the war on government music - if you want to be removed from the list please hit the unsubscribe button at the bottom of the page.

The website has been revamped with a new Blackpool Rox III database which we have been busy updating with reviews stretching back over 30 years with loads more to be added. We also have a John Robb interview and if you are interested in becoming a reviewer of the many items we get mailed please get in touch.

Gigwise we have All Eyes West (Chicago) (The Bomb and Noise by Numbers) playing a free gig in Blackpool on June 21st with Jimmy from (Magnificent) and local art-punkers Litterbug. The Magnificent's video of 1981 of their upcoming album is well worth a listen enable images from JSNTGM

On July 23rd the Great St Louis are welcoming Leatherface to the Dog and Partridge in Bolton - one not to be missed. Duncan from the original Forever Now (available for FOC download on line-up has rejoined and the band are currently working on material for their third album as excellent reviews are still rolling in for last year's 'In Your Own Time'. A great video of SAFE is now available on YouTube courtesy of the good people at sitcom soldiers

Have A Nice Day


News Update 10-09-10

This is the new look justsaynotogovernmentmusic site and the lauch of Blackpool Rox III.

This is the third incarnation of our local zine and will in time be populated with all the written words from Blackpool Rox I and Blackpool Rox II.

The Summedaze section has the history of Blackpool's longest running local DIY festival and details of how to get involved for next year.

The video section features footage fo the Great St Louis - we have some new ones in the pipeline too. We also have Great St Louis and JSNTGM merch available in the store.


News Update 30-03-10

Great St Louis - New Album - In Your Own Time - The second album from Bolton's finest sons is an absolute belter. Released in conjunction with Boss Tuneage records the follow up to their amazing amazing Forever Now has songs which range from freight-trains to mid paced eulogies, yet all are drenched in the beauty of the heartfelt every-day. 

Their last album has recently been described as 'one of the releases of the last decade – but also probably one of the best kept secrets too outside of the punk community' so when the band start gigging again in spring you better check them out.

Look on their new MySpace for dates - and get them while you can as this is history in the making my friends.

News Update 01-06-09

Great St Louis - Vinyl Picture Disc - The Great St Louis debut album Forever Now + 3 new bonus tracks is now available on a limited edition picture disc 12" run of 300. They are available for £7.00 from the STORE thru PAYPAL (please remember to add p&p). The boys are busy recording their 2nd album in deepest darkest Horwich.

News Update 01-06-09

Summer Daze 6 - What are we gonna do when the money runs out ? Blackpool council have confirmed that they will not have sufficient funds to contribute towards the running of this year's free Stanley Park Summer Daze festival. In the previous two years a big chunk of the costs of the PA and staff has been covered by Blackpool Council (for which we have been very grateful) however this year a council spokesperson has confirmed that there is 'a very tight constraint as [the council] has a number of strategic to support out of the core budget' this means 'our small grants programme has been seriously reduced and is to be frank miniscule' and unfortunately no money is available for the annual Summer Daze festival. This is obviously a blow to the organisres as the event has consistently attracted 500+ locals of all ages who have enjoyed the opportunity to enjoy best of Blackpool's underground scene for free. Every year all of the on stage equipment, staff, organising, flyering, publicity, post gig cleaning up sessions, photography and marketing is done for free by ourselves, the friends of Stranley Park and those good souls who give their time for free. We will be trying our best to get some money from somewhere to finance the project so stay tuned for details. It has always taken place on August Bank Holiday Sunday at the Stanley Park Bandstand - hopefully it will continue.

News Update 12-09-08

Summer Daze 2008Apologies that things have been quiet at JSNTGM HQ lately. Blackpool Rox II fanzine is having a temporary break and our regular e-mail communiques are currently hibernated. The main reason for this is that I am in the middle of writing a book - which has been taking every waking hour for over 12 months ... hopefully this will be completed in mid 2009 so things will then be back on track. However in between voluminous doses of politics and teaching we have managed to keep certain projects giong forward. In August 2008 upto 500 people came along to the 5th free annual Summer Daze festival in Stanley Park Blackpool - and it was one of the best yet. Pictures of the performing bands are available under the Photos section, with more to be added courtesy of Aidy Neal - and there a few good reviews of the day on the website. The other good news is that The Great St Louis are busy writing and recording their follow up album to the well received 'Forever Now' (JSNTGM 023). You can get a sneaky listen to some of the material on their MySpace page which is and keep track on their gigs. We have also uploaded many of the best tracks to the JSNTGM radio player on so you can listen to JSNTGM releases 'all day long' by setting the player to random - this is about half way down the page and not the default MySpace player which needs to be paused.

News Update 07-02-07

A bunch of local musicians and promoters are scheduling a 2 day BLASTED festival taking place on Friday and Saturday 16th/17th of March 2007 at the No.1 Club on Bloomfield Road.

Blasted Punk Festival Blackpool

All the bands playing at BLASTED will be recorded through the desk and then mixed down to provide what should hopefully be a ‘good live recording’ which they are then free to use as they see fit. Any bands keen to play (particularly the younger bands) need to contact Andy Higgins on or send through a demo to ROX TOWERS – PO BOX 1025 – BLACKPOOL – FY3 0FA asap, as the organisers want to finalise the line up in the next two weeks. 
Bands confirmed so far include Erase Today, SICK56, The Pink Torpedoes, Swallow, Pink Hearse and The Locals, and hopefully there will be a chance to see Bolton based band ‘The Great St Louis’ who have just released their excellent debut album ‘Forever Now’.

We are also seeking local sponsors to step forward to provide some financial assistance for the event, which if a success might see BLASTED becoming a more regular event showcasing the best of local talent right across the age spectrum.

Electric Avenue has already kindly offered to supply and maintain the drum kit for the 2 day event. Any individuals, organisations or companies want to assist with BLASTED either now or in the future please contact Andy Higgins via the e-mail or postal address detailed above.

News Update 16-01-07

Check out the Blackpool Rox section for an updated article on the Blackpool scene published in Maximum Rock & Roll fanzine.

News Update 21-12-06

Here at last!!!!!!!!!, the brand new album from The Great St. Louis entitled Forever Now
Follow the STORE menu link on the left to order your copy now.

News Update 24-08-06
Blackpool 9 - Out Now!
SICK56 'Punishment' OUT NOW!!

News Update 24th August- Summer Daze 3 and Blackpool Rox II issue 9 .... Sunday 27th August Stanley Park Blackpool is the venue for the 3rd Summer Daze festival. This year there are 18 bands playing between midday and 8.00pm. Issue 9 of Blackpool Rox will be available on the day with a chance to get hold of the 'Ugly Truth about Blackpool Volume 2' CD

Download Press Release

Summer Daze 3SICK56 New Album 'Punishment'

News Update 30-06-06

Sorry for the lack of on screen activity but we have been busy as hell. SICK56's 2nd album 'Punishmnent' , When People Become Numbers debut album 'Convenience', and the 'Ugly Truth about Blackpool Volume 2' CD will all be released in early August. Launch events for these releases will be held over the H.I.T.S. weekend. A vastly improved Blackpool Rox will also be out in August inclusing a free copy of UTAB2. Erase Today, WPBN and Under The Pavement Radio are doing a UTAB2 fundraiser on Saturday August 12th. We will soon start arranging the line up for the Summer Daze 3 all day free festival in Stanley Park Blackpool on August 27th. If you use Rupert Murdoch's MySpace please check out and where you will find more up to date info about all these events.

ERASE TODAY - click HERE to visit the new Myspace site!

News Update 20-03-06

JSNTGM 019Here is the latest release from JSNTGM Records - Litterbug "Speaking Through The Gaps"
Read the press release here - download doc

News Update 25-11-05

Read Andy’s “Punk and Philosophy Article” Part 1  which on-line at and which offers some introspective ramblings against a background of famous ‘punk rock¹ lyrics. Listen to the 'Ugly truth About Blackpool¹ 4 hour Radio Show ­broadcast throughout November on web radio. Watch a free pre-release MP3 of HIGGINS++ live in Fleetwood – with Tommy of One Way System guesting on drums on live videos

Click here to see why you should FUCK EMI and SONY/BMG just like they are trying to FUCK you. Don’t buy their shit ! Pirate it while you still can and distribute it for free. Don’t fall for their lies that they support artists – they support themselves, their shareholders and their corporate media-entertainmant-business complex. Oh and while I am at it get that fuckin shit MTV2 ‘commercial free’ bollocks of the air – NOW !

News Update 22-10-05 - Compilation CD

“The Ugly Truth about Blackpool” – CD’s going fast, check out the UGLY TRUTH link and get one quick. Band biographies of all 27 bands now added to BANDS section, leave us your thoughts in the FORUM. Also Litterbug “Speaking Through the Gaps” CD (JSNTGM 019) to be released 1st November – order and listen by clicking here


News Update 08-08-05
The Ugly Truth About Blackpool Vol 1
Summer Daze 2

Blackpool’s annual alternative music festival Summer Daze (2) took place on Stanley Park (28th August 2005). 13 local bands played to a 300 strong audience who grabbed complementary copies of the very-excellent “The Ugly Truth about Blackpool” CD. Click on the pictures tab to see photographs of the bands.

Click Image

The Ugly Truth About Blackpool Vol 1

Check out the UGLY TRUTH link to read more about the project and read / download the Unim-Press Release

News Update 31-01-05 - Compilation CD
Arts Council Logo

In September 2004 we applied to The Arts Council for a grant to finance a CD of Blackpool music entitled "The Ugly Truth About Blackpool". Thanks to the assistance and hard work of all involved we recently received notification that the application had been successful. Blackpool (like many towns) has a long history of producing creative underground music. The bands and their songs contrast starkly, in both style and intent, with the picture postcard images for which the town is most famous.

The "Ugly Truth About Blackpool" is the working title because it neatly reflects that 'remainder', that non-mainstream element, which will hopefully continue to persist in an increasingly mainstream world. We have been collecting local records, tapes, CD's for a few years and have built up an arsenal of material on over 1,000 Blackpool bands. The Arts Council funds will obviously not stretch to the reproduction of the vast bulk of this material, so this project is focused on producing a free CD of bands from the mid 70's onwards.This project will hopefully lead to other local initiatives to spread the good music to the good people of Blackpool, so get in touch if you think you can help us in anyway.If you have material you want to send us please do (see contact section). Watch local press for details.

News Update 16-09-04 - Website Updated

The website is being totally re-developed with new features being added (such as free MP3 downloads) and we hope to have the job finished in the very near future (apologies for any inconvenience).

Blackpool Rox issue 8 is already under way so if you want to submit a gig review or a record review, please send them in over asap - email . Also do check out which is a good place to keep in touch with what is happening locally.

JSNTGM are always looking for new material to review for release on the label, if you are a band looking for help in getting your songs heard - we may be able to help. Send your band details and demo’s through to our corporate HQ (see contacts section) .

News Update 25-08-04 - Cool Briannia Uber Alles

Cool BritanniaLeft is Christian socialist Bilderberger Tony Blair doing “that old Satan thing”, announcing the release of his new single Cool Briannia Uber Alles on which he collaborated with Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Colin Powell, Condaleeza Rice and George ll . Annuit Coeptis – Novus Ordo Seclorum !!! 
Available now from all good stockists.

News Update 24-08-04 - Blackpool Rox 7 Out Now

ISSUE 7 of BLACKPOOL ROX II is now available from …. Cobweb (Poulton) Records and Relics (Blackpool) Millenium Travel (Blackpool) Frets (Cleveleys) Or send SAE and £1 to JSNTGM PO BOX 1025 BLACKPOOL FY3 0FA

News Update 21-08-04 - Summer Daze Festival St. Annes

Summer Daze FestivalThe inaugural Summer Daze Festival took place in Ashton Gardens St. Annes on Sunday 15th August 2004. Goldblade headlined supported by One Way System, Sedated, Tunnel Vision, Outl4w, HIGGINS++ and a host of other local bands. Click here for more photos.


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Rebellion 2017
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Rebellion 2017
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033 Rebellion 2017 CD - Compilation of New Bands appearing at Rebellion 2017
Rebellion 2017
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In Dire Fucking Straits
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