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  Four Letter Word - The Band That Time Forgot

As time goes by and the all around standard of punk music gets lower and lower, it´s a good thing that bands like this continue to exist, especially in parts of the world where you can still earn a beating (or simply be ignored) for looking And acting out of place. Welsh sheep - worriers FOUR LETTER WORD have been around for some time now (frontman Welly seems to have been around and active forever) playing thoughtful punk rock with smart and inspirational lyrics. Last year they got screwed out of the right to use their own name to some oozing scum boy-band from the USA who decided to call themselves "Four Letter Word". (I shall now activate my teenage sleeper agents across the nation to track them down, night and day, through rain and snow, and shoot them down like rabid dogs. Fly my little ones.. ) This is a shame as it seems that even their older material (two great albums on BYO) now have to be removed from the shelves. Anyway this record is a kind of public service announcement by the band and their supporters at JSNTGM to get word out about the band´s plight and to arouse some concern about the increasing corporatisation of music. It contains the first EP from ´95, a couple of unreleased tracks, a lengthy spoken word about the aforementioned subject, and a lovely punk rock cover of Billy Bragg´s classic "World Turned Upside Down" all nice on day-glo green vinyl. The music is top notch melodic punk - think a political FACE TO FACE with balls. Hopefully the bullshit will only strengthen this great bands´ resolve and FOUR LETTER WORD will be around in some shape or form for another ten years. (AD)

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