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  SICK 56 - Recipe for Disaster
By Summer Of Hate submitted

Don´t remember hearing about this band before so maybe they´re new and this is their first release? The members look old enough to drink with Charlie Harper anyway, so there´s probably some punk history here. SICK 56 sound very British, which is a good thing in this day and age when most UK bands try to sound like their American peers who in turn are copying the old British bands. This CD sometimes sound like the later day VARUKERS albums only somewhat slower and less aggressive. If you´re a UK SUBS fan you might like this. There´s just a touch of metal in some parts here and there that I could have done without. The lyrics centre around government spending in about one third of the songs. Someone doesn´t like to pay his taxes here. Then there´s songs about anything from annoying people to the state of the world. Nothing unique, nothing embarrassing. It´s easy to recognise the frustration that inspired Out For The Night, the best song on this along with Fall From Grace. There´s always some old drunk who won´t leave you alone in the pub. The lead vocals, done by one of the two guitarists, are really good. Sounds a bit like Gavin Whyte of the original ONE WAY SYSTEM at times. This music is somewhere in that territory too, though not as fast and raw. My pet complaint of ´´not enough guitar in the mix´´ applies here. The twin guitars aren´t half as loud as the snare and bass drums, which is a shame really, as some of the songs are pretty good. Especially the opening track It´s Your Call, plus In The Red, No Accidents and the two mentioned above. I would probably like this band live, with a more rough and ready sounding mix. That said, this isn´t a bad record at all. The cover says ´´File Under English Punk Rock´´, which sums it up pretty good really.

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