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  Dina - Work The Switch
By BLACKPOOOL ROX II - (Issue 7) Dec 2003 submitted

This is the second album offering from Liverpool´s DINA following up "Electricity Gave Me A Heart Murmur" CD on Complicity. DINA very much take up the story from where the late great Hooton 3 Car left off, continuing this fine tradition of melodic well crafted northern renditions of excellent power pop punk songs. "Work The Switch" shows progress from their last recording, and this is owed in no small way to the addition of Ian Roache on bass. Ian was singer songwriter with early 90´s U.K. outfit DRIVE which released some great music in a similar vein to DINA on the First Strike label. Having the complementary talents of Ian providing good bass riffs and harmonious backing vocals (as you would expect), behind the undoubted singer/songwriting ability of mainman Ged, and you have a recipe for success. The title track is probably my favourite, however one of the enduring qualities of this release is there are NO bad tracks, and each time I listen to it another track grabs my attention. This C.D. was recorded and mixed over a couple of months in backrooms and bedrooms all over the Liverpool area. This non-studio process was by no means straight forward, however the end product has justified the means. DINA are out playing gigs with the likes of Leatherface in November 2003, so make sure you get along and support them (and buy this fine CD), otherwise you can order it direct for a measly £6 including P&P from JSNTGM, PO BOX 1025, Blackpool, FY3 OFA. ajh

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