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  THE FITS - fits and one way system
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The Fits  early 1980 at Fleetwood Church Army Youth Club…..  The Fits are back, and the band you either love or hate are gigging locally again. Mick Crudge, lead vocalist, is lining up gigs at Blackpool schools and there is talk of gigs out of town. Recently they have been ripped off by a certain club, and have found it hard to play locally because clubs don’t like them. After all the hassle, the record is coming out soon and is being handled by Barry Lights. The Fits were playing at Fleetwood Church Army Youth Club the night I talked to them .They have really improved and have several new songs  including a reggae song called ‘’She’’ with a flexible bass line that was inspired by Mick Crudge having an argument with someone.There were about 20 people dancing, and the set finished with a guitar getting jumped on. Also playing tonight were Invasion, who played the track off their tape cassette thingy that was reviewed in the last fanzine. They also played ‘’California Uber Alles’’. The drumming was notably good, as was the vocals. Next up were One Way System. Probably the meanest looking local band with two hefty skins  on bass and lead vocals. Craig, the Fylde enemy played guitar. If this band had come from the east end of London instead of Fleetwood, they would have had the Sounds front cover by now. Their best song was ‘’Jerusalem’’, and I was quite impressed. When this lot play Blackpool, they will go down well.

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