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  TUNNELVISION - Live at JR’s, Blackpool Sept 1981
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Live at JR’s, Blackpool Sept 1981     Last year ‘Tunnelvision’ played here to a minimal crowd this year the place was packed , thanks to Tvs alternative chart smasheroonee “Hydroplains” It was almost like a real gig.   First on were ‘Pom-Pom 3’ who were about 6 people wandering around the stage making funny noises some of these people played trumpet and some switched tapes on, the crowd laughed, yawned, covered there ears or farted, ‘Pom-Pom 3’s’ line up included Sid the postman or chains drummer and Gas Evans ex ‘Zyks’ drummer, therefore much more was expected, ‘Pom-Poms’ the lighter side of avante guarde.   Next on were a three piece called the ‘Elite’ who were a bit of a disappointment compared to last time when they looked like a good band, mind you every band has a bad gig now and then. They seemed nervous. Their sound is rooted in the Cure/Bunneywabbit style, they will be better net time. ‘The Elite’… the darker side of pop.   After a couple of mind blowing ginseng cigarettes on came Pavanne complete with Slide show with slides of countryside scenery and cute piodies of the band they played synth pop dominated songs, the best of which was an instrumental, its hard to review a band when you have only seen them once and don’t know any of the songs,  I hope to see the again and give a fairer review. Tiddley plop plonky pooh. Pavanne the lighter side of synthrock.   ‘Tunnelvision’ finally rocked on to stage and were a surprise , no drum, tony Ashworth now having moved onto guitar so it is two guitarists and a bassist they played  a set of mainly new material while was no where as good as “ Hydroplanes” and that was not just my opinion either, ‘Tunnelvision’… a disappointment.

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