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Blackpool Rox Issue 13 Page19 JOSEF K THEDECORATRS AT DEVILLES M/CHESTER First band to play were the Manchester based band by the name of ‘The Decorators’. Guitars jangled and chimed around Lou reed style vocals. An obvious choice for a postcard support band. The saxophone worked well, the guitar was good and I enjoyed them. Some songs were tres bon (Dearie) and others mainly towards the middle of the set, plodded abit. I think the best song was called ‘The Rent collector Called On Me Today’ , though I’m not sure. I’m now about to tell you what you’ve probably missed out on. Do you know what you missed? ‘Josef K’ have finished, and that is very sad. They were probably the best band to emerge from obscurity in 1981, if they ever did emerge that is. They were outstanding. After seeing this band live I suppose the L.P ‘The Only Fun In Town’ could only be a disappointment, but it is part of the small remnants of ‘Josef K’. Do yourself a favour – buy it. The set on that night in Manchester was a good one. The songs are manic/ tuneful/ uncontrolled/ tuneless. Tuneful again. They make you feel so good. ‘Josef K’ was a band I could have watched for hours and not get bored. They tear you up those painfully trebly guitars. Josef K’s music still is yummy, try some today (Cringe).

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