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  Litterbug - It´s punk rock Jim ....
By Cosamic Zombie submitted

Litterbug are a band from Blackpool. That´s an hour and a half away from me in a shitty 3 door Ford Fiesta that can´t go on motorways. We´ve gigged in Blackpool many a good time and have met these guys almost every time. They are sweet guys. Why do I tell you this? Well, while we knew these guys were in a band we´ve never actually seen them play. So last time we were there their bass player gave us a copy of their album. I say us, they gave it to our singer, but I got an erection off the cover so I stole it from him when he was in a drunken sleep. The cover displays the 2 greatest men in history, William Shatner and Leonard Nemoy, fully dressed in their sexy-ass star fleet uniforms. With the words: Litterbug It´s Punk Rock Jim But Not As We Know It Sadly I couldn´t get a jpeg off it, but you can see why I needed to have it. although I´ve had this CD for a while, I hadn´t had much of a chance to listen to it until yesterday. I put it on and MY GOD I really fucking liked it. I really fucking did. They sound basically like the Ramones´s paranoid cousins on meth. A sound which I truly enjoy. The drums are powerful and extremely in your face, just like the flat growling vocals, driving basslines and positive adjective guitar. Each song is about 2 minutes long (with some exceptions) which are perfect punk rock lengths. Being the nutter alien conspiracy freako that I am, lyrics about conspiracy theories and TV were perfect for me. Please check them out. I don´t know how bands like this are giving away free CD´s and [insert shitty pop act] are still allowed to make shitty "music"! FUCK YOU SIMON COWELL!

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