What Is The Blasted Festival? The festival was the idea of Craig Halliday and ukNige on a cold winters night down at the SICK56 rehearsal room. Having decided we wanted to put Craig’s rather large band rehearsal PA to some better use we thought it would be a good idea to put on a small two day indoor festival for local bands with the possibility of maybe one or two out of town bands. Craig booked the Number 1 Club the following day and we then thought about what to call the festival – one of our mates Chris Butcher came up with Blasted – a mixture of Blackpool and Wasted and we thought Blasted was quite fitting – so Blasted it is!!! Next port of call was to enlist the talents of one Mr. Andy Higgins – our friend, record label director (he he) and a well known figure in the Blackpool music scene. We new Andy would want to be part of the festival and it’s thanks to his efforts in advertising, inter-band communications, promotion and general hard work that most people who akin themselves to the local live scene descended upon the festival at some stage throughout the two day proceedings.. There are some over-riding principles to the festival and these will remain as follows:
  • Not for profit event – we cover costs by charging a small amount on the door – room hire, door staff, PA desk staff, stage manager and PA roadies.
  • The event is not money oriented – it’s play the festival if you want to, we’ll record you and give you a cd.
Thanks and we’re looking forward to doing it again – ukNige April 2006 Well the first Blasted two day festival is now behind us and we’re looking forward to Blasted Festival number 2 in June. Thanks to all the bands that took part, without you and the support from the local scene it would have been a non-starter. Craig has now finished all the band CD’s from the desk and they’re now in Andy’s hands so if you have not got your copy yet – get in touch!!!!! We thought about whether we should have a dedicated website for the event moving forward, but as with all things, it would cost someone to fund it, so we’ve decided to make this section of JSNTGM website the official Blasted info centre. Over the next week we’ll have a full set of pictures on line and over the next few weeks we’ll post more information on the next festival and also keep Blackpoolbands updated with the latest info.

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