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Update June 2006

Sorry for the lack of on screen activity but we have been busy as hell. SICK56’s 2nd album ‘Punishmnent’ , When People Become Numbers debut album ‘Convenience’, and the ‘Ugly Truth about Blackpool Volume 2’ CD will all be released in early August. Launch events for these releases will be held over the H.I.T.S. weekend. …

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Update November 2005

Read Andy’s “Punk and Philosophy Article” Part 1 which on-line at and which offers some introspective ramblings against a background of famous ‘punk rock¹ lyrics. Listen to the ‘Ugly truth About Blackpool¹ 4 hour Radio Show ­broadcast throughout November on web radio. Watch a free pre-release MP3 of HIGGINS++ live in Fleetwood …

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Update August 2005

SUMMER DAZE 2 FESTIVAL, STANLEY PARK.Blackpool’s annual alternative music festival Summer Daze (2) took place on Stanley Park (28th August 2005). 13 local bands played to a 300 strong audience who grabbed complementary copies of the very-excellent “The Ugly Truth about Blackpool” CD. Click on the pictures tab to see photographs of the bands Check …

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Cool Briannia Uber Alles

Left is Christian socialist Bilderberger Tony Blair doing “that old Satan thing”, announcing the release of his new single Cool Briannia Uber Alles on which he collaborated with Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Colin Powell, Condaleeza Rice and George ll . Annuit Coeptis – Novus Ordo Seclorum !!!Available now from all good stockists.

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