jsntgm 037 Punch Drunk – Sassy CD

Gram Blackwell (Cape Canaveral) teams up with Colette (The Smears/You Want Fox) and Ben (Drag The Lake/King Of Pigs) to create the wonderful Punch Drunk. The band’s 10 track debut brings forth tantalising flavours from bands such as Husker Du, Sugar, Jawbreaker, Moving Targets, Lemonheads, Buffalo Tom, Texas Is The Reason ….. so what is there not to like about this release?
This Nottingham based band really do produce some great, melodic and powerful tunes. The album starts with the catchy bass and grinding guitar introduction of the excellent Chump Change which is complemented with some great lead and backing vocals. Then leading into the disarming acoustic introduction of Wrecking Ball, these two tracks take you on an enjoyable journey of well-produced mid-paced, fast and slow tunes. This release has a great guitar sound throughout and is backed all the way by a strong rhythm section and intermittent backing vocals particularly Colette’s backing on Migraine. All in all this 10 track CD all works really well with Quilt and Lane being two additional stand out tunes to look out for it’s well worth checking out. Sassy – JSNTGM 037 – also available on CD and download via jsntgmrecords.bandcamp.com/music Recorded at The Moot Group by Johnny Carter Produced by Johnny Carter & Andy Jones Mastered at Tenko Studios by Jay Graham

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