Never Mind the Politics – Here’s The Music’ on-line video documentary

This the first in a series of interviews with influential musicians filmed by Andy Higgins and Steve Pennington.

First up is TV Smith – (The Adverts, Cheap, TV Smith and the Valentines) filmed at Rebellion Festival Blackpool …. soon to be followed by interviews with Jello Biafra (Dead Kennedys, Lard, Guantanamo School of Medicine), Dick Lucas (Subhumans, Culture Shock, Citizen Smith), Steve Drewett (Newtown Neurotics), John Robb (Membranes, Goldblade) and lots more.
The Project – With questions such as, ‘where are the modern protest songs ?’ and ‘what has happened to political music?’ becoming increasingly common, there is a growing realisation that politics is gradually disappearing from popular music culture. By interviewing figures from across a variety of musical genres, we want to hear their views and to learn if politics really is being bleached out of music culture … or is just operating in different and less obvious ways.

‘Never Mind the Politics …. Here’s the Music’ seeks to understand if popular music still offers hope for nurturing and recovering the ‘political’ in an increasingly ‘anti-political age’.

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