Jsntgm 000 Erase Today – The Age of Unreason


Digital Album

The band´s first rough cut demo recorded at Snier´s studio off Lytham Road Blackpool and Red Box Studios Blackpool.


1. Melting 04:04
2. Got A Revolution 02:49
3. Miles Away 07:45

released April 23, 1993


Phil – Maximum Rock n Roll
Excellent shit that brings to mind a million great bands, (SLF, Ramones, Naked Raygun, Husker Du to name but a few) !! “¦intelligent and tuneful yet raw enough to drink to.
This absolutely Rules !!

Tighten Up Fanzine (Issue 9)
Blackpool’s Erase Today – well produced demo blew my head in. Kicking off with Melting the listener is catapulted back to 77, great stuff.This is followed by Got A Revolution a real classic. Miles Away has some good talk over lyrics similar to Crass, but what they say they mean. Great punk sound without the cliche.

You’re So Hideous Fanzine
Rarely have I listened to such a good debut tape. Melodic and fast punk rock is what this demo is all about. Catchy but not granted riffs and an excellent use of chorus create an evocative atmosphere especially in the last long song. (This is) .. characterised by a stupendous (maybe a bit too short ?) guitar solo. Very nice lyric sheet included, glossy cover and good quality sound . Excellent !

Nosebleed Fanzine (Issue 6)
A refreshing crossbreed of Goober and Green Day. Erase Today are only a comparatively new band but already seem to be scooping in rave reviews and generally creating a stir. 3 tracks here , the best being melting. Pleasant pop punk.

SNAFF Fanzine (Issue 13)
Three excellent mid paced tracks on a very professionally done demo. Well worth investing in if you want a change from all the 100mph stuff.

Charred Remains Fanzine (Issue 4)
Nearly as plush as a velvet beanbag in the packaging stakes, with coloured glossy cover and printed cassette as well as better production than silk underwear. It’;s a catchy mix of melodic punk with a 77 sound (but I’m only saying that because everyone else that has reviewed it says so, to tell the truth it’s about as 77 as a Sega Megadrive. Without no doubt a better way to spend £1.50 (I think !) than two bottles of tippex or half a mug with your favourite team’s name printed on it. Okay, I know what you are all thinking, fuck me I wouldn’t half mind a copy of that there demo. But I’d prefer two bottles of tippex for £1.50! Well fear not here’s your chance for a free copy (I’ve got two). All you have to do is answer the following question I would like to copulate with the editor because. The wittiest or most sensual answer will win the demo, and I’m serious !

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