Jsntgm 001 Erase Today – The Economic Prison 12”


Limited Edition 12″ Vinyl.
Quality black vinyl limited edition 12″ E.P. single in picture cover.

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1. The Sun Burns Cold 04:19
2. Terminal Recess 02:46
3. Miles Away 06:48
4. Got A Revolution 02:38
5. Melting 03:38

released April 23, 1993


“Suspect Device” Fanzine – (Issue 18)
Blackpool 3 piece Erase Today have finally made it onto vinyl with this 5 track 12″. The first thing that struck me about this record , and still makes me think the same thing now, is that if Erase Today do get the recognition they deserve this 12″ could be as sought after as say the first Minor Threat 7″ or something, when they’ve long since split. Anyway Erase Today seem to combine everything musically in punk terms from 1976 to the present day within these five tracks. Pacey tuneful punk with meaningful lyrice should give Erase Today the base to go on to even better things if they stick at it. THe tracks are “The Sun Burns Cold”, “Terminal Recess”, “Miles Away”, “Got A Revolution” and “Melting”. All yours for only £4

“Nosebleed Fanzine – (Issue 8)
Buy this ,you’ve got the best bits of all your fave pop punk bands mixed into Blackpool’s finest. These guys are flying high with Goober Patrol and the like as one of the best melodic punk bands on the circuit since snuff snuffed it.

“Tighten Up” Fanzine
A five track mini lp from Blackpool’s equivalent of the Clash, protest songs to punk tunes. Kicking off with “The Sun Burns Cold” , a great little number ,this band packs a punch with its lyrics and you will have to read the excellent sleeve notes to see where they are coming from. The next track “Terminal Recess” reminded me of John Foxx’s Ultravox. This is a happening band and deserves a good recorddeal, but on the same note if it came from a large company (EMI and the like) I don’t think they would take it. The flip contains the tracks from the demo “Miles Away” “Revolution” and “Melting” ,worth checking out.

“Ripping Thrash” Fanzine – (Issue 2)
A five track mini lp this, their first vinyl release. Follows on from the demo that’s reviewed elsewhere in these pages, but with better production as you’d expect. Nicde sounds and good catchy older style punk

Dave Stuart
I was recently sent a 5 song 12″ EP by the band Erase Today from Blackpool, their demo from last year was a good ‘un and this isn’t a let down. Good melodic punk with spot on lyrics and some really good singing which comes off well ,there’s a few UK bands who play this style of music yet this one stands above the others ,there’s something a little special here. The songs don’t drag, even at a slower pace the songs come across strong. The three songs on the demo are featured here but my fave track is “Terminal Recess” ,just for the vocals they are so “up front” that they have to work otherwise the song would be a mess. A good ‘un.

“Punk Shocker” Fanzine – (Issue 4)
These are cool guys ,now even cooler ‘cos they sent me this to review! Well played tuneful punk. 5 stomping tracks in their own style. Good riffs and sound lyrics, a neat package with a lyric sheet and story. Definitely a Jello B influence. – it can only be good


Vinyl LP, Digital Album

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