Jsntgm 002 Erase Today – The Velocity to Connect 12”


Limited Edition 12″ Vinyl.
Quality black vinyl limited edition 12″ E.P. single in picture cover.

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1. High On God 05:18
2. Time 01:48
3. Jumping Off Bridges 01:28
4. Get In The Way 03:45
5. Come On In 04:45

released April 23, 1994


You’re So Hideous
The first thing I noticed about this was the excellent, non-cliched, political lyrics. If only more bands could write songs anywhere near as good as these. The music is pretty good as well & lilke their first mini lp sounds somewhere in between solid tuneful punk and DC HC of an emotional kind like older Gray Matter.

Skoink – (Issue 12)
Taking their influences from the greatest 70’s bands, 80’s anarcho stuff and 90’s pop punk, they could be compared to Zounds or a sped up Political Asylum. Meaningful lyrics questioning the sense of life, even more elborated in the booklet and aw one page “hate list”. All ingredients for a winner are here : power, melody, sincerity and intelligence , so you should be convinced by now dude.

Suspect Device – (Issue 21)
This 5 track 12″ is beyond doubt the finest thing to come from them to date. 5 tracks of powerful, tuneful, political punk all complimented with excellent lyrics which really make you think. “High on God”, “Time”, “Jumping off Bridges”, “Get in the Way” and “Come On In”, all songs asking us to think about our lives. All the lyrics are supplied along with explanations for them. My only hope here is that Erase Today keep going and get to where they deserve to be, and that is on a “big stage” making people listen and think about it. Blowing away the utter shite we are brainwashed into tapping our foot to every time we turn on the radio. Try to drink two pints of beer “less” this week and for £4.00 (inc. P&P) this DIY , well presented record is all yours.

Nosebleed – (Issue 11)
This is Erase Today’s 2nd independent release on their own ” Just Say No To Government Music” label. Anyone who owns anything else by the band will know what to expect “¦.. excellent packaging, thoughtful lyrics and rockin’ blasts of energetic punk rock. Something that seems to spark the most thought on this is the listing on the back of the sleeve entitled “We wish to vomit our disgust in the streets at” . Another classic from Erase Today.

Tighten Up – (Issue 15)
Erase Today’s new 5 track cassette will blow your head off. Erase’s sound of power punk/pop will have you stomping. It kicks off with “High On God” , a poke in the eye of religion. Erase Today have come up with the goods once again and I don’t know why they haven’t been snapped up by a label, perhaps it’s something to do with their non-conformist attitude. They’re perhaps a bit too dangerous. Check it out.

Maximum Rock’n’Roll – (Issue 139)
Mutating from a muddled and noisy guitar dominated punk a la Thatcher on Acid, to an updated, slowish Mob. Thoughtful and inspiring lyrics with detailed explanation and, most importantly a plug for AK Press! A well executed political punk band with its heart in the right place.

Step Out Of Line – (Issue 2)
2nd release from this ever improving Blackpool 3 piece on their own label ; crunchy, crackly, spiky, yep you guessed it, punk fuckin rock mate and it’s swell. Where as the last mini lp “The Economic Prison” was to these admittedly abused ears a little underproduced and the guitars a little lost in some vast chasm somewhere in the Mogabi desert, this more than makes amends. 5 corking tunes with “High on God” and “Come On In” being the Uwe Rossler of the bunch, it comes with a rather fetching lyric sheet and a bit of an explanation on each song’s inspiration. Did I mention Husker Du ? All in all a very fine release in true d.i.y. style.

A Riot of Emotions – (Issue 5)
Well it’s punk rock heaven here at the moment as another top notch D-I-Y release arrives for my listening pleasure. Getting better with each successive release this features 5 tracks of prime rocking punk, combining classic catchy tunes with thought provoking lyrics, with excellent and very professional looking sleeve art. A high quality recommended release


Vinyl LP, Digital Album

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