Jsntgm 003 A Blackpool EP – Shrink, Erase Today, Yellowfields, K comp. 7”


This 7″ release featured 4 of Blackpool´s more unconventional types of bands. The record pressing amounted to only 500 copies all of which were snapped up pretty quickly. Apparently copies of this e.p. are now fetching a fair price on the collectors´ market.

The record´s release was greeted with all four bands playing a local showcase gig at the Venue on the promenade. Being well attended and attracting some media interest this gig was to be the basis of a video of the local underground bands … however technical hitches (hello Ian) and a lack of finance saw this venture scuppered on the Blackpool beaches.

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1. Shrink – “She’s The One” 03:25
2. Erase Today – “Less Than Zero” 03:41
3. K – “My Imaginary Friend” 03:40
4. Yellowfields – “Surreal Blur” 06:19

released April 23, 1996


Vinyl 7", Digital Album

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