Jsntgm 005 Erase Today – A Big Yes and A Little No 7”


Quality black vinyl limited edition 7″ single in picture cover.

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1. A Big Yes And A Little No 02:51
2. You’re Dead 02:35
3. The Quickest Song 01:43

released April 23, 1996


Charred Remains no.7
New disc from the beach boys and this time with some fixation on the sun, with each song mentioning it.Maybe it’s sponsored by the Blackpool tourist board who want to plant the word sun in everything coming out of the town. Whatever it’s Erase Today’s best release to date, with three great powerful pop punk songs rollercoasting along with swoops and dives in abundance.What else can I say? It’s neat, catchy, infectious and has a UFO on the front!

Ripping Thrash no.12
The latest offering from Blackpool’s Erase Today sees a couple of line up changes from the Velocity to Connect lp, a new drummer and bass player. This has resulted in a weightier and more driving sound, but still this is Erase Today’s trademark Clash style punk with ace, clean sounding tunes!


Vinyl 7", Digital Album

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