Jsntgm 006 Erase Today – London, New York ….. the World 7”


Quality black vinyl limited edition 7″ single in picture cover.

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1. London, New York The World 02:59
2. I’m Here Again 03:02

released April 23, 1997


Maximum Rock n roll (issue 169 – June ’97)
Totally great melodic punk. The A-side is probably the best thing they’ve done.In many ways reminds me of Husker Du around “It’s Not Funny Anymore” mixed with Leatherface. Good sounding production helps loads. Hey,one guy even has a moustache in this age of prejudice.”

ALANS Update Sheet no. 86
Brand new single that’s already getting extensive radio play around the country .. their finest hour

Kontrol (fanzine) no.8 (Summer ’97)
Plastic Yankie accents apart which Andy seems to have picked up recently this Erase Today release is the bollocks and a fave of mine now !! This is what indie music should be – a blend of all that surrounds it, yet not conforming to any of it. Great Stuff !! (4/5)

No Barcodes (fanzine) no.5
I can’t recommend you enough to buy this piece of vinyl.It is sure to become a classic,those guitars rock my world… as the 7″is now out I’m doing it again. I can’t really add anything to what I wrote in the last issue apart from that I still think it’s a classic and I now know what they are singing about ha ha really worth picking up

Nosebleed (fanzine)
These two tracks have a sense of immediacy for the revitalisation of the punk single as a formidable force.


Vinyl 7", Digital Album

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