Jsntgm 009 Erase Today – Colour, Sound and Vibration CD


Comes in a CD jewel case with full colour album booklet.
Artwork by Erase Today.

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1. Feels Like Rain 02:41 video
2. Rock And Roll 04:31
3. A Big Yes And A Little No 02:45
4. Where Angels Tread 03:12 video
5. London, New York The World 02:58
6. Seventh Son 01:15
7. Managing Director Of Earth PLC 04:04
8. Watch The East, Watch The West 02:53
9. What’s The Score 02:07
10. When They Come 04:14
11. I Am The Greatest 02:28
12. Battery 03:41
13. Waterworld 02:31
14. She… The Eclipse 01:55

released April 23, 1997


Steve Scanner www.scannerzine.com
Inventive, textured stuff that starts like a HAWKWIND album – but never fear – that’s only the first five seconds and then it slips into a HUSKER DU meets DOA kinda vibe with maybe a hint of LEATHERFACE. There’s about 1,000 good ideas on here and top tunes include ‘London, New York, The World’ and ‘I Am The Greatest’. Lyrically it’s interesting too, arttacking things like rock star egos and Costner’s Waterworld flick. The 15 tracks on here indicate one of the most original bands in the country, even if some of those tracks take a bit of work to get into, but once you’re there it’s a pretty captivating place. There’s an address elsewhere in this zine for this and while you are there ask them for their cool mailout list too.

No Barcodes Fanzine ( no.6 )
How’s that for a title! Erase Today are an outstanding band and this release showcases their soul searching melodic brand of hardcore.They take you on a journey called life, complete with social political issues and with each new song it’s like entering a new town here you begin to discover what is there. Guitar driven songs, full of memorable hooks, melody and a plea for life. We are talking classic hardcore here, in the vein of DOA, Youth Brigade and early Black Flag (pre Rollins), where Erase Today take their inspiration – but continue to carve out their own niche. It contains the a sides of the classic (for me anyway) 7″‘s “A Big Yes and a Little No” and “London New York the World” which are along with Waterworld, the fastest songs here. Awesome stuff, a release full of quality songs. They really go out in style with the finale, an instrumental, “She..the eclipse”.

Punk Info Directory (Will Adanoy)
A few weeks ago I did a review of Higgins++ (it is directly below this review) where I said “I would love to hear this album with full instrumentation because Andy has a lot to say and the songs would benefit from a fuller sound”. Ask and ye shall receive. Erase Today, released on Andy’s JSNTGM label, features Andy and his pals belting out 14 solid punk rock tunes. Both musically and lyrically solid, Andy continues to preach his message of independence. This is straight up punk rock with a passion. If you like your punk with lots of guitar and attitude, you’ll love this.

Zonked Fanzine (Pete)
Now this is a band who definitely fall into the category of “One Of Britain’s Lesser Known Punk Bands”, because although they have been around for a few years, Erase Today keep a strictly low profile, operating out of Blackpool and releasing stuff on their own Just Say No To Government Music record label. I guess Husker Du are the most obvious influence on the band’s music, with similar bursts of gritty, melodic punk combustion, but some of the moodier and fuzzier moments also brought to mind the mid-Eighties Liverpool band The Sound. And this is topped off with some thoughtful and intelligent lyrics. Well worth further investigation.

Fear & Loathing Fanzine
Erase Today have developed a harder, rocky sound to their punk over the last few years, that for some reason makes me think of Leatherface”¦..you know, there’s the thoughtful lyrics, strong melodies, but played off with a big guitar sound and raw vocals.Not bad at all.

Dave Stuart (Cambridge)
Erase Today certainly haven’t stood still on this, their debut long player, with a new line up and all new sound.It’s much rockier and direct, going straight for the chest with a firm punch of choppy guitars and gravelled vocals. In fact the vocals have gravelled up so much that in places this really reminds me of Strawman which is just fine in my books.Yeah I like this new sound, one thing I thought ET lacked in the past was the instant hook,but this CD got into my cranium and stayed there all day.

Spike Necro News
This CD comes comes from the pop punkers/indie hoppers of cod and chips from Blackpool.The 14 tracks on this cd have some really good guitar sounds in them along with lyrics that don’t go on about absolute bollocks. I liked the single “A Big Yes and a Little No”, so that was a welcome track to hear again. All in all not for the H/C punkers but for all you who like a varied listen give it a go. (6.5/10)

Steve Ripping Thrash Fanzine
A new release from this Blackpool band who I’ve reviewed quite a few times, and this is the first time they’ve released a CD. Mostly new tracks here, although there’s a couple of tracks off their last single too. They give us their usual tuneful punk, 77 style,but they’re not content to just copy other bands and they don’t produce three chord simple beat punk, these songs are well crafted and end up sounding pretty varied. And still quite a rough edge in the sound which I like. You also get a colour cover and full lyric booklet.

Trev H.A.G.L. Fanzine
At last a full album .. but what on earth’s this? A Pink Floyd style cover ? Well look at the lyrics and you’ll understand, here’s obviously a chap who shares Syd Barrett’s fave pastime! The singer has a really strong voice,but whether or not that justifies him experimenting with rock,boogie and goth tones is debatable,but it’s all there,along with the customary Husker Du guitars.Some brilliant ideas here,and a great crisp guitar sound,but holding your attention for a complete song seems a bit of a problem – too varied for their own good? 14 tracks including the 2 recent singles “A Big Yes”(the closest it gets to singalong) and ” London, New York”¦” (6.5/10)

Happy House (Issue 9)
Yeah, cool as fuck punk rock with attitude. The cover looks like a tranquil holistic meditation CD but inside there’s a power chord explosion of sound that gels with a mighty rendition of intelligent social observations and biting sarcastic prose. Blackpool’s finest deliver a mighty debut album which sports a gutsy main vocal which is complimented with the fine backing harmonies, all cranked out in a basic punk sound that is very reminiscent of the excellent Terminus. 14 very UK and very cool tracks that rock big style.

Suspect Device Fanzine
This Blackpool3 piece has been around for a little while now and have improved consistently with each release. I was not however expecting such a strong debut CD from them and this is one of the musical surprises of the year for me. Intelligent songwriting , great sounding production , tight musicianship , gruff yet note holding vocals , and some really outstanding compositions make this 14 tracker something very special indeed. It’s all very melodic yet nowhere near pop punk , in fact I am stumped trying to explain ijn print what this band sound like , they tread a path that at times brings to mind early JAWBRREAKER and perhaps PEGBOY but they don’t really sound like either much at all ! ERASE TODAY sound like no other band I’ve heard and in an age where plagiarism is standard practice it’s inspiring to see bands striving for originality and coming up with something fresh sounding and thoroughly enjoyable “¦. don’t just take my word for it , do yourself a big favour and buy this CD from : JSNTGM ,PO BOX 1025, BLACKPOOL FY3 0FA

Stagedive Fanzine
In England’s green and pleasant punk rock history, the greatest moments have been those that are devoid of a fake American accent. This is as truthful and solid as they come, no gimmicks just a will to create an uncomplicated punk rock moment with thrust and cool melodies. Vocals are weighty, and there is a bop in the current that make the experience as a gravy granule advert on a Sunday afternoon. I really liked the lack of pretentiousness and their apparent acknowledgement that someone may have been here before, but they manage to lose track of exactly who it was. Damn Fine.

Here Be Monsters (Nov 98)
Strong kinda different melodicore – meaning it’s not too generic by any means !! Along with the strong vocals , speed , power and harsh riffs there’s some cool slide guitar for good measu – pretty much unheard of !?!? It works and I’ve no complaints here at all. Plus it’s only £5

Vision On #15 (Dec 98)
This is good, good stuff. In the past I’ve mentioned these guys “product”, the inevitable Husker Du comparisons have been trotted out and, on here, they are even stronger.The songs are cool on here and delivered with real passion and conviction, the rscording is pretty hot and there’s not really a bad track amongst them. If storming guitar pop is your thing then you should really check out this CD “¦. Even though the cover looks like the front page of a 70’s text book and the wonders of space travel.

OX Fanzine # 42 (March 2001) on www.punkrawk.com
Heard of these guys through the BYO sampler “Greetings from the welfare state” a year or so ago. The song on the sampler “Feels like rain” was so good that I did not want it to finish, so I contacted JSNTGM and sent my money filled envelope to Blackpool/England ,it was ven better than I expected ! No one song sounds like the other, one is like LEATHERFACE and then again like THE DAMNED or the SEX PISTOLS. Every track has sharp guitar, and a singer with that typically English sounds (raw, scratchy, passionate). In addition the melodies fix themselves in your head, and before you know it, this CD has you addicted. Actually I would describe this as “Melodycore”, but that would be incorrect (?) ,a mixture of OFFSPRING and LEATHERFACE. Only downside is that I think these guys have split up now .. (9 / 10)


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