Jsntgm 017 SICK56 / Higgins ++ – New Day New Enemy 7”


Heavyweight 7″ yellow vinyl pressing in picture cover.

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1. Losing The War 04:15
2. Einsatz 00:26
3. Got A Revolution 02:32

released April 23, 2005


Headwound 18 – Webzine
I’ve always had a love/hate thing going on with the town of Blackpool. I like the idea of Blackpool a lot more than I like the actual place, but one thing it has done for the world is produce some good punk rock, and the second split EP from these two is no exception. Andy Higgins’ previous solo stuff never quite did it for me “he did an album a couple of years back with unaccompanied Bragg style electric guitar that seemed to be lacking a certain something (drums and bass mainly) but his side of this split again remedies that, and its bloody brilliant. The first track is basically an intro piece, then we get some anthemic punk with a truly infectious chorus in a new version of ‘Got A Revolution’, originally recorded by his old (and often very good) band Erase Today. Fellow Blackpool band SICK56 have been getting a lot of attention lately and their song ‘Losing the War’ underlines why. It’s another good fist in the air political anthem in the Contempt mould, with a strong chorus, and hints of Stubbs snarl on the vocals. This is some of the best material I’ve heard by either Higgins++ or SICK56, and if they carry on like this, I bet their next respective releases are going to be fucking superb. It’s on day-glo yellow vinyl as well, if that matters to you. From JSNTGM “see distro section 4/5.

NTF Fanzine – Webzine
SICK 56 present ËœLosing The War(tm) which is relatively fast, straight punk rock with a hint of RED FLAG 77. They have the blend of the early English sound and the newer English sound with a lot of energy and a very anthemic chorus. HIGGINS ++ deliver 2 tracks, the first ËœEinsatz(tm) is a kind of intro, short and with really raw and peculiar vocals. Their second track is “Got A Revolution”, again reminds me a bit of RED FLAG 77 but also the BRISTLES. Medium-paced but very lively and again, the blend of the older and newer English styles. Very suited bands and a cool split on pale yellow wax too. JSNTGM Records www.jsntgm.com = BLACKPOOL ROX II- Issue 8 Brought to you by Just Say No To Government Music (JSNTGM) this zine is full of music reviews, show reviews and book reviews from Blackpool and the best part is that it comes with a free CD called “The Ugly Truth About Blackpool Volume 1” which is a compilation of local Blackpool punk rock bands from 1977 through til now showcased through 27 tracks. The comp starts off with SKREWDRIVER’s An-ti-so-cial from 1977 and includes cuts by SECTION 25 from 1981, ONE WAY SYSTEM from 1982, THE FITS from 1983, THE MEMBRANES from 1988, THE(E) TRANSMISSIONS from 2001, UNCLE FESTER from 2002 and closes with SICK 56 from this year. A really fuckin cool collection here. JSNTGM www.jsntgm.com

Repeatfanzine – Webzine
New Day New Enemy ep (JSNTGM Records) Some of you may know that I now have a lovely Repeat office; well actually it’s my front room where Sarah Alcopop used to live (sniff!). Along with a DVD and CD player, it’s got all our releases crammed into it, along with shelves of back issues, the reviews box brimming with dross and gold and a wall plastered in a massive, messy collage of posters, fliers and record sleeves featuring the high and low lights of our history. One thing it lacks, however, is a turntable, so to hear this release I had to climb the wooden hill all the way up to my bedroom, wind up my gramophone, wait 20 mins and then CRASH! there I was in punk rock Heaven! Two bands are feature on this banana splits coloured vinyl, Sick 65 and Higgins++. Both play melodic, adrenaline infused, energy pumping, intelligent and angry punk rock. This makes them both, in my view, fuckin marvellous! I prefer the Higgins++ tracks, mainly as the lyrics are less obvious and backward looking, and delivered in less of the traditional Oi style; in fact the vocalist from Higgins++ seems to be auditioning for the John Cooper Clarke of the our times. Great idea indeed! JSNTGM are a small label with a big mission “to Just Say No To Government Music “and a quick look at their website will show that they have the bands equal to the task. If you’re into punk that wants to ‘vomit its disgust for consumerism in the streets’, then you really should get in touch. www.JSNTGM.com or PO Box 1025, Blackpool, FY3 0FA.

Punkglobe – Webzine
SIts cool when I get a slab of vinyl through the door and even cooler when it´s a wicked release. The A side kicks off with ´Losing The War´ by Sick56 one of the best Punk bands doing the rounds at the moment. As always they sing about something meaningful backed with some of the best Punk Rock music you´re ever going to hear. Why these aren´t signed up I´ll never know? The two offerings by Higgins++ aren´t as strong as the Sick56 offering but hey Andy writes some good words and still comes up with a pretty good tune. Quality wise I´m not complaining and production for both bands is tops. My only grumble is with Sick56 is those fuckers should gig more! Top DIY Punk release so what you waiting for? Buy the fucker! (JSNTGM) 9/10 – Steve DIY Aug 05

Screamager Fanzine – Webzine
My first 7″ to review, (woo wooo), I was totally stoked to get this through the post box, and y’know what, I really enjoyed this, SICK56 piling in with the powerful ‘Losing The War’ Aggressive riffs, mean vocals, a really decent representation of the Blackpool punk scene, definitely the better of the two songs, really fast, and with intense vocals. Higgins++ pulls off a mean song too including the weird intro ‘Einsatz’ Higgins++ into ‘Got A Revolution’ – The fella sure can pull off a riff, catchy, upbeat, and damn good, not entirely as strong as SICK56, who are powerhouses in their own right really… a schweet ‘proper’ punk release, with some mean songs…but yes check this out! – Nick

Nihilism On The Prowl – Webzine
In keeping with JSNTGM’s penchant for coloured vinyl comes this 45 on a canary yellow platter which adds a splash of colour to the grim black and white Indie looking frontage. ‘New Day New Enemy’ is the title of this 3 tracker, but I think we all know by now it’s gonna be yet another attack on Tony Blair and his cronies yawn! Sick 56 who impressed me when I caught em live in Brum recently keep things ticking over quite nicely with this well played, midpaced number called ‘Losing The War’. It powers along quite doggedly on top of some gritty vocals and duel guitars. Towards the end they go off into an atmospheric dropout, where the guitars ring out and slide into moody strums that remind me of the Ruts, but without Malcolm Owen. I just wish these Fleetwood dissidents could inject some black humour into their bleak lyrical bites, coz their strict, orthodox early 80’s approach is getting too damn straight, if you know what I mean? On the b-side we get a quasi humorous 27 second track called ‘Einsatz’ and performed by JSTGM label boss Andy Higgins in his alter ego state as Higgins++. Andy, who’s backed by Sick 56 as per usual, sounds like John Cooper Clarke whose just swallowed a dictionary or maybe gained a university degree! I don’t even know what half those words mean and I doubt some young punk in Dudley is gonna bother looking em up? But It’s pretty funny in a quirky kinda way, but not sure he intended it to be? Higgins++ then ups the ante on ‘Got A Revolution’ which sounds way more like Sick 56, not surprising considering they arranged it and play on it, but with Higgins++ taking on the lead vocal it don’t sound half as convincing as when he was fronting Erase Today. Not sure about more cryptic lyrics either? However it does boast the best guitar solo on the EP. Comes with a lyric insert but sadly no Thesaurus boo hoo! As always a limited edition and one for you vinyl hounds, so get it while stocks last!!! AVERAGE Peter DC

Zonked Issue 9
A straight up hobnail boot of UK’82 energy from SICK56, and on the flipside Andy Higgins turns in two sharp snappy numbers – ‘Got A Revolution’ sounding very much like ‘Bullets for You’ era TOXIC REASONS “¦. In other words, really good ! www.jsntgm.com

Issue Fanzine #24
Split 7″ from JSNTGM records – completes a quartet of vinyl on the pile and I come at this knowing bugger all about either group. Kicking off at random with SICK56 I have to say that I really like their sentiment in their track ‘Losing the War’ which is anti the war in Iraq. It has certain Oi overtones but is clearly 21st century. Excellent quality, clear sound, damn fine track, just a pity there isn’t a second one to give us a little more about the band. Flipping it over reveals Higgins++ and a couple of tracks, or rather 1.5 as the first is little more than an intro. Similar style to SICK56 but distinctive nonetheless. Good solid, high energy punk. Further examination of the cover shows it to be from the Blackpool area, and so I am a little disappointed that I am unikely to get see either band perform live. I am sure that live (and especially with a home crowd) that these two bands would excel.

Slug and Lettuce Issue 86
Slug and Lettuce Issue 86 – SICK56 play straightforward, no bullshit street punk. They have one track on this split EP and it’s a ripper. It reminds me of SLF and Blitz meets Leatherface. Higgins++ are also a pretty straightforward punk band, but they are a little more low key. I think Gang of Four with a hint of Crass, especially on their first song. Apparently these guys share members, so it makes sense that they have a handful of splits together, with this being their latest. I guess that’s why they have to title each one too. This 7″ is on the coolest, neon booger green that is definitely available only overseas. (JSNTGM Records)

Fast ‘n’ Loud Issue 5
The new single from Blackpool’s SICK56 and HIGGINS++. Pressed on banana yellow vinyl. SICK56 have been making a good name for themselves playing 80’s punk rock & play ‘losing the war’. Fast, angry and hating Tony Blair. HIGGINS++ play two great songs ‘einsatz’ and ‘got a revolution’. Its only £2 so if you like it you have got yourself a bargain, if not give it top a m8.

Suspect Device Issue 46
A straight up hobnail boot of UK’82 energy from SICK56, and on the flipside Andy Higgins turns in two sharp snappy numbers – ‘Got A Revolution’ sounding very much like ‘Bullets for You’ era TOXIC REASONS “¦. In other words, really good ! www.jsntgm.com

Barbie’s Dead – Issue 19
A ltd edition 7″ on yellow vinyl with SICK56 and HIGGINS++ sharing a side each. Fast blistering punk assaults from 2 of the premier British bands of the moment. (Marv)

High Heels Slut – Issue 9
Hailing from the fair city of Blackpool these guys must have grown up listening to all three ‘Punk & Disorderly’ compilations from the late 70’s/early 80’s and bands from their hometown that are featured on the ‘Ugly Truth About Blackpool’ cd. SICK56 crank out a nice streetpunk anthem with ‘Losing the War’. I don’t really like the danceable break in the middle of the song, but for the rest this is a fine deal that should do the stuff for any studs n leather punk. On the flip there’s HIGGINS++ which seems to be – as far as I can figure out – Andy Higgins teaming up with different people on different recordings to perform the songs. ‘Einsatz’ is a really short track that should have been left off, but ‘Got a Revolution’ is a cool track that features those typical streetpunk singalong choirs. If you can’t stand a Mohawk in the audience you might wanna skip this, but I think this is pretty ok. (Retard Wim)

In It On It – Issue 19
The ++ is actually SICK56 as well, so no more solo stuff from Andy. What you do get is SICIK56 getting even better, they’re progressing into a fine, powerful punk band. Their song harks back to the 80’s singalong terrace punk, with anti-government lyrics. So htat’s OK then ! Higgins++ songs are less immediate, the recording quality seems to dip a bit, which is a shame because there’s a fine shout along song hidden in there. And given a little production tweaking, and a little more bollocks, it could be a truly great song. This single oozes potential.

Maximum Rock n Roll – Issue 272
This split EP presents two top notch English punk rock bands. SICK56 starts the ball rolling with melodic singalong punk that is reminiscent of the No Future/Riot City, 1982 era of English punk. ‘Losing the War’ has all the earmarks of becoming a memorable punk anthem. Check out these lyrics ‘As far as I understand we had laws to rule this land / Now the current penalty a small slap and set them free / What goes around comes around / You’ll see that in this town, legislation has its cost / Dealers smile and the war is lost / The punishment should fit the crime / The government should be doing time.’ Flip the EP over and you get HIGGINS++ doing a short spoken word intro and then going right into another good contemporary English melodic punk chug. ‘Got a Revolution’ has the tasty guitar licks and the fine-tuned vocals with harmonies that make a song stick in your head for hours. The New Day New Enemy EP is a good punk rock split ep ! (BR)

Anarchoi – Issue 15
Yellow vinyl for all ya plastic junkies out there (me included).SICK56 are defo one of the Britain’s best current street-punk outfits and their track ‘Losing the War’ just carries on the good work from previous outings. As for Higgins++ on the other side, am I correct or is both his trax got a heavy Conflict influence ? Einsatz and Got a Revolution and if these are owt to go by, then this label is a real testament to the best of Blackpool punk rawk. Need I say more (Jamesy)


Vinyl 7", Digital Album

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