Jsntgm 018 The Ugly Truth About Blackpool Volumes 1 CD


Funded in part by Blackpool Council, The Ugly Truth About Blackpool Vol 1 brings together a list of bands that have made their mark in Blackpool and much further afield.

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1. Skrewdriver – Antisocial (1977) 01:26
2. Zyklon B – Manic Depressive (1978) 02:07
3. Male Models – DC Overflow (1979) 02:51
4. Tunnel Vision – Comrades (1980) 03:22
5. Kenneth Turner Set – Overload (1980) 02:27
6. Syntax – Dot Dot (1980) 03:35
7. Section 25 – Always Now (1981) 01:48
8. One Way System – Jerusalem (1982) 02:44
9. Antisocial – Official Hooligan (1982) 02:28
10. The Genocides – Honey This Ain´t No Romance (1982) 02:30
11. The Fits – Bravado (1983) 02:16
12. Sign Language – Love & Glory (1984) 03:38
13. The Membranes – Tatty Seaside Town (1988) 02:52
14. Take Lindy Surfing – Twilight Zone (1991) 02:07
15. Shrink – She´s The One (1994) 03:21
16. The Phantom Creeps – Bad Place (1996) 02:58
17. Erase Today – Managing Director Of Earth plc (1996) 04:03
18. Container Drivers – Searching For The Skylon (1997) 03:58
19. King Mob Echo – Cock Suck Amerika (1997) 03:04
20. The Pink Torpeodes – Time To Be Alone (2000) 03:09
21. Thee Transmissions – Starlight (2001) 03:20
22. Neocoma – Alcoholocaust (2002) 03:01
23. Uncle Fester – Kill Someone (2002) 03:08
24. Chang – Conquerse (2003) 02:44
25. Razor Dog – Torched (2004) 03:54
26. Ceramic Hobs – Pro Ana Tips ´N´ Tricks (2004) 03:23
27. SICK56 – No Accident (attak Mix 2005) 03:18

released April 23, 2005


By Glaswerk – Webzine submitted

“The Ugly Truth About Blackpool” does indeed sound more like a new comedy series by Peter Kay but it is in fact the greatest hits from this greatest of British Seaside resorts from 1977 to 2005. Not many folk would think of Blackpool as being a mecca for Punk Rock, but if 27 tracks of a compilation album ain´t enough to prove it to you, I just don´t know what will. Just Say No to Government Music is a local Blackpool intiative, and ironically this release is supported by the Arts Council, but then we are living in 2005 the era of gross compromise so even Punk Rock seems to make some concessions.

It seems that punk has never died in Blackpool, seems to be something about places beginning with “B”, since punk has lived on in Berlin and Bradford without a break and indeed the art of the fanzine is also being upheld by JSNTGM and if you´re canny you´ll get your copy of this CD free with Issue 8 of Blackpool Roxx II (see JSNTGM.com to obtain yours). I´m almost disappointed that JSNTGM haven´t put this compilation out as a flexi-disc, but then in truth the likelihood of actually being able to hear the recording, would be close to zero, or rather you might hear it once and never again but you´d have a lot of thin curly plastic scraped off the disc by the stylus as a memento of it. Anyway luckily for you it is on CD and this compilation contains some real gems of grass roots Punk Rock from Skrewdriver and Zyklon B to the wonderful, Kenneth Turner Set, who break with tradition having a really rather good guitarist riffing away deliriously. For those who liked the stripped down sounds of original Goth bands Comrades by Tunnel Vision, nor should the fantastically angry and Buzzock-esque,

The Genocides should not to be missed. This is not trendy “nu punk rock” this is the real thing, raw, simple with meaning. I have to say that the originals are the best, the tracks from the 70s and 80s are perhaps the most choice selection, but you have to hand it to Razor Dog, born from the tradition of slightly silly bands like the Wedding Present and Pulp, that only the North can breed, they do warble a jolly tune and who would ever think that a band called the Ceramic Hobs could sound quite so, well, mildly satanic. All in all, The Ugly Truth About Blackpool is a veritable cornucopia of Punk Rock delights, chase it down or be somewhat foolish.

Vacant Org – Webzine
The Ugly Truth About Blackpool – Compilation (JSNTGM) / The Peppermints – Jesus Chryst (Paw) Someone found a stash of mouldering reel-to-reel tape in a garden shed in Blackpool. It was still in playable condition and after a couple of hours of remix it was unbelievably release quality. Some of the stuff was old, nearly thirty years some of it, and no one knew what to do with around half an hour of vintage punk tracks from the Lancashire coastal resort until someone at the English Arts Council said ‘I know, lets repackage that dodgy compilation we were putting together last year and re-release all of it together’. A band called The Peppermints got hold of a copy and felt so inspired they released an album of their own, an 18 track masterpiece which has the rhythmic intensities of Tunnel Vision, the reckless bile of The Genocides, the shambolic near-genius of The Membranes and the lack of indulgence of practically all the rest of the Blackpool bands involved in ‘The Ugly Truth …’ . If you want it short fast and messed up, I recommend both albums. (Jon Gordon) 4.Punk Information http://www.punk-information.com/music_reviews.htm I really like this concept. Pick a city and pick the best punk songs since 1977 and play them in chronological order. There are 3 songs from the 70’s including an early Skrewdriver classic. Andy Higgins has done a superb job of choosing the bands to be included here. Standouts include “Jerusalem” by One Way System, “Official Hooligan” by Antisocial, “Honey, This Ain’t No Romance” by the Genocides and “Cock Suck America” by King Mob Echo. Most of the songs are clearly in the punk realm although a few tunes stray into lighter or more adventurous moments. All in all I would have to say that Blackpool ain’t too bad of a place to have been raised on punk. –Willy Aadnoy (11/27/05)

Scanner Zine – Webzine
The Ugly Truth About Blackpool {JSNTGM} A 27-track comp of bands all from Blackpool that dates back to 1977 with the contentious issue of including a SKREWDRIVER track. Yeah, it pre-dates the band’s infamous Nazi stage, but even so, I think I’d have preferred to have seen the band omitted entirely. The tracks are arranged chronologically leading up to 2005 with one of the disc highlights, SICK 56. Other peaks include 1982 (ONE WAY SYSTEM), 1983 (THE FITS) and 1988 (THE MEMBRANES). A way more appealing comp than another cash-in label sampler – at least you have a sense of place and progression here. Not all the bands ‘rattled my dags’ but it was an interesting listen. Comes free with the ‘Blackpool Rocks’ zine.

Lowcut Fanzine #30 – Webzine
V/A The Ugly Truth About Blackpool Vol. 1 CD (JSNTGM) This comp goes back to 1977 and to present, so naturally it’s a very mixed picture of Blackpool’s punkrock scene. Never own any Skrewdriver records (for obvious reasons), but the CD kicks off in style with a killer track, “An-ti-so-cial”, from back before the nazi bullshit started. Other highlights include Kenneth Turner Sect (echos of Eddie & The Hotrods and Peter & The Testtube Babies), One Way System, Membranes, Phantom Creeps, and King Mob Echo. 27 tracks, a worthy punkrock document of Blackpool, thanks to Just Say No To Government Music’s never ending dedication to the local scene. Respect. http://www.jsntgm.com .

Full Frontal Recordings UK – Webzine
OK to start with I really wasn´t happy with the inclusion of ´Skrewdriver´ on this release even though it was a track which was Pre-Nazi Skrewdriver. Still I suppose if they´re covering the Blackpool history of Punk Rock then maybe it should be included as ´Antisocial´ is a wicked track. Anyway rather than get worked up over a dead fat nazi bastard there´s loads more bands here which covers the Blackpool Punk History. There´s tracks from the likes of One Way System, Antisocial, Sick56, The Pink Torpedoes, Zyklon B, The Fits, The Membranes, Uncle Fester and loads more. This CD does show great Punk Spirit and I for one enjoyed hearing some of these bands once again. In all fairness I don´t think there´s one bad track on here which is rare for a compilation. (JSNTGM) 8/10

Angel Fire – Webzine
VARIOUS ARTISTS ‘THE UGLY TRUTH ABOUT BLACKPOOL VOLUME ONE’ (JUST SAY NO TO GOVERNMENT MUSIC) Almost 30 years ago the first couple of Punkbands were formed in Blackpool, UK and now there is a compilation available which concerns the period 1977-2005 featuring nothing but Punkrockbands from Blackpool. The good thing about this CD is that it gives you an idea that there have always been quality Punkbands from that city in the UK. From each decade bands have been drawn and all together we can hear 27 songs on 1 CD. Best bands are SKREWDRIVER, MALE MODELS, KENNETH TURNER SET, ONE WAY SYSTEM, ANTISOCIAL, THE FITS and from more recent, where the band start to either go into an Emo/Punky Poprock style or just play plain Rock I need to mention bands like SHRINK, THEE TRANSMISSIONS and CHANG. Definitely a worthy compilation CD for the Punk/Rock&Roll fans among s whom would like to discover the Blackpool scene from the past decades, although with 8 bands from the 2000s it also gives you an idea of the current scene over there. More info at: http://www.jsntgm.com

Real Art – Webzine
V/A “The Ugly Truth About Blackpool Vol.1” (JSNTGM Records, p.o. box 1025, Blackpool, FY3 OFA, UK; www.jsntgm.com) For a long time I didn’t hold in hands such remarkable compilations! Notwithstanding (and may be even due to this!) that it is a so-called local compilation – this disk can be named “a history of punk-stage of Blackpool” (since 1977 till our days) – I haven’t found anything weak or not worthy on it. The style pluralism of the composer – the chief of JSNTGM Records Andy Higgins cause respect: except for classical punk-rock (which, it is necessary to notice, is not so much on the disk!) the post-punk in its every possible displays, punky indie and even the garage punk (Monomen-like driving The Phantom Creeps) are well submitted. I shall note the tracks most touched me: Razor Dog (“Torched”) – driving, fascinating punk with magnificent vocal, The Pink Torpedos (“Time To Be Alone”) – terrible, hardly reminding a hybrid of the Meatmen and Dead Kennedys punk-rock. And garage The Phantom Creeps (“Bad Place”) already mentioned by me. In the zine “Blackpool Rox II” there is the most detailed story about each band, that also raises an information value of this release. I can’t kept and not to tell, that the song “An-ti-co-cial” by a little known that times Skrewdriver opens the compilation – even great assholes have light stains in their biography…

Positive Creed – Issue 8
A split ep on pink vinyl of political orientated punk rock. SICK56 play fast, oi-esque, thrashy punk and are getting seriously good at it ! Both tracks are excellent, and they deserve all the praise they are getting at the moment. Higgins++ also come off well, particularly their warped cover of ‘California Uber Alles’ which is way more twisted than the original. Limited edition of 500 copies, so get it quick. (RS)

Verbicide – March 2006
Now here is a fun comp. It highlights some of the more political and truly underground artists of the last twenty odd years with the likes of the Fits, Uncle Fester and the Phantom Creeps, and even Skrewdriver doing a song before they became Nazis. Many of the old recordings, those dating back to the late 70’s and early 80’s, are not of the best quality, but this is probably the first time I have heard them on CD format. The bands, for the most part, have a sort of Damned inspired macabre sound to them, such as Take Lindy Surfing and The Fits. There are also a few Oi inspired bands featured on the comp. The only grievous thing that I found about this comp is that I didn’t ever really learn what the ‘Ugly Truth about Blackpool’ was, since there was mo press release or anything given. But I can say if there is anyone still out there who wants to listen to real punk music, back when it was still dirty and fun, then check this out. You may have to turn up the volume all the way on a few songs to actually hear the vocals, but you will be happy that you did. (Jonah Crismore)

Big Cheese Issue 70
A comp of local talent from the Vegas of the north. Blackpool these days often plays home to Holidays in The Sun festival, but dig back more than its 9 year odd stint and punk has been the backbone of local music for some time. This compilation documents those such bands. Dubious openers are Skrewdriver, ut their neo fascist views are soon erased with the likes of One Way System and The Membranes. The album spans almost three decades from the late seventies to current snotty punk like SICK56 and Uncle Fester. If you are off to Wasted in Blackpool next year this album could be a great companion for the journey up. (Miles Hackett).

Zonked Issue 9
Hometown’ compilations are great educational pieces, and this 27 track collection certainly blows open the doors on the Blackpool punk rock scene ,1997 to 2005. The comp opens up somewhat controversially with SKREWDRIVER and their raw powered ‘Anti Social’, from way before Ian Stuart hijacked the band for his own warped fascistic vision. And on we go, some familiar names to me (ONE WAY SYSTEM, THE FITS, MEMBRANES, ERASE TODAY and SICK56) but mostly these are bands who slugged it out in the North West I’m getting to hear for the first time. This comes with issue 8 of ‘BLACKPOOL ROX 2’ zine, where you can read all about the bands. A sterling job by Andy Higgins.

Record Collector – Issue 319
Council funded 27 band punk round up – 1977-2005 Now, is it me or is there a slight contradiction between the name of the label and who actually funded this ‘local history project’ ? Well, I think it’s a pretty good way to spend a few hundred pounds of council tax payers’ money. Blackpool seems to have had a thriving punk rock scene over the years, and this album provides 27 examples of the constantly mutating genre covering 1977 (Skrewdriver no less) to 2005 (SICK56). In between we get Anti-Social’s Oi anthem Official Hooligan, One Way System’s Jerusalem, The Fit’s Bravado and The Membranes Tatty Seaside Town – an absolute classic from John ‘Gold Blade’ Robb’s old band but the worst bit of ‘recording’ Steve Albini ever did. The bands you’ve never heard of unless you’re a local include the excellent Genocides and King Mob Echo, whose Cock Suck Amerikkka is an outstanding piece of work. An interesting compilation and a labour of love, full of civic pride. Available for the price of postage from www.jsntgm.com (Ged Babey) 5/5

Issue Fanzine – Issue 22
Blackpool – miles of beach, an imposing landmark (the tower) and a very seedy nightlife – thanks to the Stella filled chavs that litter the place. It also has quite a good musical legacy – if this compilation is anything to go by. Covering the last 28 years of the town’s musical heritage in one compilation can’t be easy – probably why this is only volume one. As with any compilation there’s great tracks and absolutely duff ones. The ones that stood out for me were – Skrewdriver – Anti Social – Old school punk – just a really good tune. One Way System – Jerusalem – Uplifting punk track. Shrink – She’s the One – Poppy indie – but so infectious. NeoComa – Alcoholocaust – Just because it rocks – and it reminds me of the man – the legend that is DRUNK MIKE ! WHEY UP THE SPURS There isn’t anything truly awful about this CD – the nicest thing was that it was co-funded by Blackpool Arts Council – wouldn’t it be nice if Basingstoke and Deane were more willing to support live music throughout the year. Instead of fobbing us off with a one weekend token gesture ? Something to think (and even) write about kiddies.

Suspect Device – Issue 46
Blackpool is an ugly place ! I’ve spent many a long weekend there over the last 5 years since my wife’s father emigrated there from Reading ! However ! There is also a shocking and ugly truth about Blackpool and that is that it has been a hotbed of punk and alternative bands that most of us of any reasonable age have heard of ! Take the now infamous ‘Skrewdriver’ – Yup ! They were OK before they went to London and became just a bit ‘dodgy’ ! The opening track of this CD is from them and dates way back to 1977. In the early 80’s when the second wave of punk bands started coming through Blackpool did its bit and One Way System, The Fits and Antisocial all have tracks here among the 27 in total. Later bands like Erase Today and The Membranes have all played their part and get an airing too. Send a quid to the address below for the postage and secure your copy. (Gaz)

Toilet Paper – Issue 13
Released by Andy Higgins the thin (accompanying zine) lists every band, promoter etc in Blackpool (that was the aim anyways) and provides a history of important Blackpool bands that are all featured on the CD as well. Famous ones include Skrewdriver, One Way System and SICK56. They’re all quite punky but maybe that’s the Blackpool sound ? The zine also contains reviews of CD’s (htat don’t have anything to do with Blackpool) (Alva) Just Say No To Government Music

Positive Creed – Issue 9
This companion CD is being given out free with JSNTGM’s ‘Blackpool Rox’ fanzine. At a colossal 27 tracks in length, we felt it worthy of a review in its own right. We started things off with a pre-fascist outing from Skrewdriver and roll on into Zyklon B’s ‘Manic Depressive’ nicely. So far, so good. This compilation works chronologically, starting off in 1977 and bringing us up to the present day. Some of the early 80’s bands have got a Joy Division/Bauhaus feel to them (Tunnel Vision and Section 25). Of the early years, the standout tracks belong to The Kenneth Turner Set, The Genocides, The Fits (who are magnificent) and of course the fantastic One Way System with ‘Jerusalem’. As we move into the nineties, the musical net spreads. A lot of this stuff has an indie feel, with a punk spirit. From the graveyard rock of The Phantom Creeps to the high octane, Uncle Fester, there is enough here for everyone. Chang are intriguing ; Razor Dog, Erase Today and King Mob Echo are all excellent – You are bound to disagree, you will find your own favourites. Watch this space for future compilations. ‘The Ugly Truth “¦.’ Is a fitting testament to its own scene. (SCS) 6/10

Everlong – Issue 7
Do not know if this is a fanzine or an album but I do know it’s bloody excellent value. Comes with a 28 track CD chronicling the history of punk in Blackpool starting with Skrewdriver (before they became the evil incarnate) right through to today with the likes of SICK56. The zine covers the bands on the CD in sleeve-note style, as well as a stack of reviews. Really made my Saturday (despite another poor SAFC result) could do the same for you c/o JSNTGM “¦”¦

Beat Motel – Issue 4
This CD is a mammoth project covering the musical development of Blackpool from 1977 to 2005. It’s a hell of a project apparently supported in part by The Arts Council of England and Blackpool Council. I’m not going to go through every one of the 27 tracks, I’ll just give you an idea. The CD starts with some fairly generic 77 punk that to a certain extent blends in a way that makes me wonder if they shared a few band members ! The early 80’s stuff is where it starts to get good, although thrash punk apparently never made it to Blackpool ! During the 90’s there were some really good bands in Blackpool without there ever being a ‘Blackpool sound’ (bar the 77 stuff) the town certainly appears to have been a hotbed of creativity. Here are some of the highlights on the album ; – Comrades by Tunnel Vision is a bit like Joy Division meets Wire – ‘Always Now’ by Section 25 would be pretty smart in a PIL kinda way if it wasn’t for the dodgy vocals and someone dropping saucepans in the background. – Love and Glory by Sign Language is something of a corker, can’t pin down what it reminds me of, ubt it nips along at a helluva rate and is as strong as fuck. – She’s the One by Shrink is a pretty fantastic pop song, only partly spoiled by the fact that the singer sounds a tiny bit like Sting, but put that out of your mind and enjoy what is a perfect pop song, the backing vocals bouncing off each other are superb. Actually there are loads of great tracks on this album so I’m going to leave it there. This is a fantastic document of a town’s output and every town should have one ! What’s more it comes with a zine telling you a bit about each band ! I wasn’t sure about the price for this so I e-mailed JSNTGM and it turns out it’s only a quid !!! You’d be daft as a Bush not to head over to www.jsntgm.com and grab yerself a copy right now. (Andrew Culture)

High Heels Slut – Issue 9
Blackpool must be an ugly boring in the north west of the UK, since it has spawned a whole bunch of punk bands throughout the years. This compilation – that comes with the 8th issue of Blackpool Rox II – contains 27 of them, listed chronologically and spanning a period ’77 until 2005. A few names for sure will ring a bell, but most of ’em were unknown to me. A few tunes don’t excite me that much, but for the major part this is a very fine listening with a buncha great tracks, like from the pre-neonazi Skrewdriver (’77), One Way System (’82), Antisocial (’82), Genocides (’82), Fits (’83), Membranes (’88), Take Lindy Surfing (’91), Erase Today (’96), SICK56 (’05) or yet some more. A pretty fine effort from the local Blackpool label JSNTGM – which stands by the way for Just Say No To Government Music – and thumbs up for supporting the local scene ! (www.jsntgm.com)

In It On It – Issue 19
The CD comes free with the zine, but is the dominating part of the package so it gets in here rather than in with the zine reviews. The zine is a basic, but useful review fare, with loads on the bands on the CD. First off, a town scene overview means a wide variety of styles and quality. There’s some well dodgy stuff going on here verging on goth, and not good goth at that. But then there’s also the Membranes, One Way System, SICK56 and Erase Today – which is good. The there’s Skrewdriver – yes you read that correctly. Apparently they were a 77 punk band who split in 79, and reformed with different members, and then the fucking racist bollocks began. Needless to say this is a pre-fascist era track, and there’s an interview at www.punk77.co.uk with an old member to put the record straight. There is also a band called Zyklon B on here – who have nothing to do with racism whatsoever – I just think the name fuckin stinks, but that’s just me ! There’s some good stuff on this comp, some average stuff and some crap stuff – but isn’t that always the way with comps ?

Maximum Rock n Roll – Issue 272
A copy of punk from old stuff like One Way System, Zyklon B, the Fits and Male Models, to more recent stuff like Phantom Creeps, King Mob Echo and Razor Dog. Maybe I shouldn’t mention that Skrewdriver’s is ‘Anti Social’ is on this, but it is. I know, I know, it was before their white supremacist days, so it’s cool. With no notes about this except the Blackpool reference, I guess it’s for your listening enjoyment (RL) (JSNTGM Music)

Anarchoi – Issue 15
As ya wood expect this is a comp. of bands from Blackpool and surrounding areas, right from the 76-77 thru to the present day. Features early Skrewdriver, Zyklon B, Syntax, Tunnel Vision on to stuff like The Fits, One Way System, The Membranes, Erase Today – the list is endless. Current faves SICK56 are on here, as are Uncle Fester. 27 trax in all and it’s hard to give a fave but let me say Jerusalem by One Way System takes a helluva beating – nuff said (Jamesy)


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