Jsntgm 021 The Ugly Truth About Blackpool Volume 2 CD


Funded in part by Blackpool Council, The Ugly Truth About Blackpool Vol 1 brings together a 2nd list of bands that have made their mark in Blackpool and much further afield.

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1. SICK56 – Violence 02:30
2. Kraul – Social Cycle 03:05
3. The Tommys – The Day The World Turned Chav 03:04
4. Fes Parker – My Take Away 01:45
5. Walter And The Knobheads – Crew Slut 02:30
6. Hit By An Apple – Alien Brains 00:19
7. Limousine – For Once I Knew 04:59
8. Sound of Superstring – QPC (42) 01:51
9. Litterbug – Laugh Out Loud 02:22
10. One Way System – It Could be You (unreleased) 02:45
11. Section 25 – Dirty Disco (live in Brussels – June 06) 04:14
12. Outlaw – Get In The Van 02:41
13. The Neon Trees – Here To Stay 04:01
14. Higgins ++ – Cool Britannia Uber Alles 03:08
15. Lupus in Fabula – Breath of the Sun 03:37
16. When People Become Numbers – Heart Shaped Exit Wounds 01:33
17. UFX – Point 03:57
18. The Streetlight – Trust Me On This One 03:02
19. Reporting Emily – One Liability 03:52
20. The Senton Bombs – Surf 6-66 03:26
21. Danse of The Dead – Show Me Love 03:39
22. Empty Headed Heroes – Expletive Erased 02:34
23. Sinister Footwear – All Creatures Great and Small 03:44
24. Earthling Society – The Loom 03:36
25. The Interruptions – Bring Me Back 03:43
26. Das Hasselhoffs – Rise of The Idiots 03:36
27. ??????? – Untitled 00:05

released April 23, 2006


By Real Art Magazine Dec 2006 submitted

V/A “The Ugly Truth About Blackpool. Vol.2” (JSNTGM Records; www.jsntgm.com) We continue to study Blackpool’s stage with the help of punk-activist, chief of JSNTGM Records and editor of the “Blackpool Rox II” zine – Andy Higgins. The first collection retrospectively represented its local stage since 1977 till our days, this one allows to look at it’s nowadays condition (almost all tracks are dated 2005 or 2006).

I was impressed both by the amount of remarkable groups and bright palette of styles in which they work (in spite of the fact that a half of the collection can be attributed as the punk and derivatives from it, on the disk there are indie (in various variations), post-punk, guitar gothic style, progressive and psychodelia (not speaking about not classified The Sound Of Superstring or Sinister Footwear). It is necessary to note: Fes Parker “My Take Away” (recorded in 1999) – mad, drive grunge; Hit By An Apple “Alien Brains” – 20-second hardcore-perversion; One Way System “It Could be You” – the machine-gun punk. Under this song it is good to rush on any reserved jalopy, scattering police cars and obstacles on the roadside…

Sick 56 “Violence” – among my favorites! UK Subs today! Section 25 “Dirty Disco” – gloomy post-punk, in spirit of NDW bands and Joy Division; Outlaw “Get In The Van” – powerful female punk’n’roll. Donnas are in ass! Higgins++ “Cool Britannia Uber Alles” – an excellent example of that it is possible “to recover” a good old song and force it to sound actually. For five thousand young punk bands studying “Anarchy In The UK” or “Nazi Punks Fuck Off” listening to it is necessary! The Streetlight “Trust Me On This One” – maneuvers between the Smiths and the Clash. Sounds unexpectedly healthy! Reporting Emily “One Liability” – punky Sisters Of Mercy with the fucking great vocalist. Good drive, very powerfully and at the same time very sincere. Earthling Society “The Loom” – prog-rock with punk power.

Das Hasselhoffs “Rise Of The Idiots” – an unexpected combination of guitar indie with hardcore. Very non-standard and curious! The composer of this compilation Andy Higgins has declared that he plans to release the similar compilations made of bands from other cities. I do not think, that he meant only Britain – contact him if you have what to suggest him.

Issue Punk Zine 28
Another compilation “but another freebie with a zine, so let’s just have a little spin and see if it gets the juices flowing. It will not surprise you to hear that the syuff I loved most was the punky, old school, heavier sort of thing. SICK56 deffo the best with One Way System a close second. I was also well impressed with the cover done by HIGGINS++. It was the DK’s ‘California Uber Alles’ re-jigged as ‘Cppl Britannia Uber Alles’ “very clever and very well done. What amazes most is the amount of talent that there seems to be in Blackpool. That said I have no idea how big the place is. With 26 tracks on this CD, there is no way anyone is gonna come away, not liking at least half of them. Kind of inspires me to put together something similar myself for the ISSUE catchment area. What do you think people ?

FFRUK Sep 2006
This is the second compilation from JSNTGM covering bands in the Blackpool area. There´s twenty six bands/tracks on this album ranging from the Indie sound from the likes of ´The Neon Trees´ and ´The Interruptions´ to the full on Punk bands such as ´Sick56´ and ´Higgins´ to the thrashier bands such as ´When People Become Numbers´. Not every band was my thing but I have to say ´The Neon Trees´ certainly did something for me as I thought their contribution was the best track on here. It would be good if there was a little booklet that went with it so you could find out a bit more about the bands featured on the compilation. I pretty much liked this and thought it was better than volume one. Go on and give it a listen. I didn´t know they had so many bands there! (JSNTGM) 8.5/10


Compact Disc, Digital Album

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