Jsntgm 024 Great St Louis – In Your Own Time CD / 12”


Artwork by The Great St. Louis.

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1. Moorsey 02:08
2. Redeye 02:58
3. Safe 02:50
4. Don’t Ask 02:13
5. Remain 01:56
6. Coming Home 03:56
7. Closest Enemies 02:40
8. Head Down Skin Up 02:11
9. Strawman 02:16
10. Croal 03:03

released April 23, 2010


By Boss Tuneage Records submitted
A few years after their great debut ‘Forever Now’ and just following their split with RED CITY RADIO comes THE GREAT ST. LOUIS’ second full-length ‘In Your Own Time’ and presents them stronger than ever before with their solid sound further cemented. There’s still a huge nod to LEATHERFACE but with a stronger melody merged with the very mid-90’s American punk rock sound of bands like the SWINGIN’ UTTERS, THOSE UNKNOWN and WORKIN’ STIFFS and of course, later-era SOCIAL DISTORTION.

They have forged their sound in a really interesting way because it’s so damn English in such a great way but then it has this American-tinged facet and it works so well. This is one of the best punk bands the UK has to boast about and I’ve never heard anyone say anything bad about these guys, nothing but praise the whole way…and damn rightly so. This is a masterpiece of a record…

Scannerzine – Steve
GREAT ST. LOUIS, THE – In Your Own Time (JSNTGM) Fucking hell – what happened here? Although this band’s debut album, ‘Forever Now’, was released to critical acclaim, I was left rather nonplussed. Come two-and-a-half years on, this follow-up literally explodes outta the speakers with the electrifying double hit of ‘Mooresy’ and ‘Redeye’. What’s changed? Well, the LEATHERFACE comparison is not so blindingly obvious – although ‘Safe’ certainly retains those traits. Instead, this whole disc resonates with the vitality of prime-time STIFF LITTLE FINGERS mixed with the bluster of MILLOY and the Rock ‘n’ Roll cool of the REPLACEMENTS. Highlight has to be ‘Remain’ that emphasises the ‘MATS vibe but the soaring chorus of ‘Closest Enemies’ and the uplifting closer ‘Croal’ come close. Graphically this looks great also – sumptuous sepia-tones, full lyrics, layered graphics – very neat! Put simply, this is a truly satisfying listen – big guitars, barbed melodies and songs that captivate like a naked Miss World Competition. Now, I’m off to check out ‘Forever Now’ again! (12.10.10)
Read more:http://www.myspace.com/gslthegreatstlouis/blog#ixzz14iG2U4Rb

Ian Chaddock – Big Cheese
Sing-along second album of melodic gruff punk from Bolton. 4/5

This northern band are clearly influenced by the gravel-gargling punk of Leatherface and the country-infused sounds of Social Distortion and, thankfully, they do these much loved influences proud on ‘In Your Own Time’. Highlights include the upbeat and catchy ‘Redeye’, ‘Remain’ and ‘Closest Enemies’ but, to be honest, there’s not a weak track on here. Sure, it’s nothing new but the strength of the song writing is undeniable and this is a huge leap on from 2007’s debut ‘Forever Now’. This is their time.

Rock Sound Magazine
Rock Sound 9/10
,10 tracks of sheer, unadulterated, undiluted excitement ,- 9/10

Paul Raggity – Rocksound April 2010
Hey, now you just hang on one cotton picking moment, what the hell’s going on here? Over three decades on from the (official) birth of punk rock, an album isn’t supposed to be this good is it? With everything having been done to several deaths, how the dickens have T.G.S.L managed to twist it all into ten tracks of sheer, unadulterated, undiluted excitement? Hmmm, maybe its better they keep schtumm though, wouldn’t wanna jinx whatever secret these guys have discovered. Because with this fucker loitering only one small step away from being a true classic, this is a band to keep a very focused eye on.
For fans of: Rancid, Social Distortion, Leatherface

Mike – Punktastic (April 2010)
Now this is the stuff. This is the second record from Bolton’s The Great St Louis and it’s only a shame I hadn’t heard this lot sooner. They clearly lean pretty heavily on their Social Distortion record collection “it’s the kind of punk rock that you couldn’t get away from in the 90s but has virtually disappeared off the face of the earth since then. Certainly outside of Scandanavia.

Gruff vocals, attitude and country style back vocals sit nicely over precision based song writing simplicity. Its not a million miles from being a Loved Ones record, but only if said record was being played by the Backyard Babies. Opening track Mooresy pretty much sets the tone for what you’re gonna get on the whole record “good old fashioned rock.

The production is a little suspect “some of the tunes seem to stick out a little more than others, but it’s only in keeping with Boss Tuneage’s general DIY ethic. It’s not going to set the world on fire, but this is such a solid punk record that it should keep you going while Mike Ness gets his arse into gear to write some new tunes. I hope this lot pass down my way soonish.


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