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Comes in a CD jewel case with full colour album booklet.
Artwork by Stay Clean Jolene.

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1. Concrete Block 02:14
2. Heads And Breakables 02:35
3. Miles Apart 02:33
4. Green 02:38
5. One Hundred 02:21
6. Old Songs 01:52
7. All I Need 02:48
8. Record 02:43
9. Easy Target 03:02
10. Replica 02:52

released April 23, 2014


By New Noise Magazine submitted 10/12/2014
Time flies when you’re having fun, and the same can be said when you’re listening to a great album. The first time I played Stay Clean Jolene’s self-titled release in my car, I figured the battery had died on my iPod. I thought, ‘Surely, this ten-track album can’t be over already!’

This quartet from Manchester, England delivers solid punk rock music that is perfect for road trips. The brilliantly placed guitar fills and mini-solos are on point. The vocals have an “in your face” raspy tone similar to Dropkick Murphys, but the lyrics are closer to No Use For A Name. Excellent lyrics are ones that come from the heart via personal experiences, and there are an abundance of them throughout Stay Clean Jolene’s album for the listener to discover.

The chorus of “Easy Target” states, ‘Hope you had fun. Hope you still smile.’ If you’re looking for an album that will put a smile on your face and leave you wanting more, check out Stay Clean Jolene. (Shannon Del Valle) 4/5

Punk News
For fans of Leatherface and Hüsker Dü, this is made for you. Fellow reviewer Rich got me into Stay Clean Jolene´s 7-inch in 2012, and it´s the last line in his review that stuck with me — “My interest is certainly aroused from these three songs and I eagerly await a full-length from this band.” Well, all expectations are met. It´s a grueling punk-tastic album that kicks around themes such as romance, friendship and all good things Americana.

The album´s a frenetic, energetic kick in the teeth filled with big hooks and rasping solos. Rife with huge licks and heavy, dense, jaw-slapping bass lines, it´s got a brilliant melody to it. The rhythms on tracks like “One Hundred” highlight how big their sound is and how much it´s grown from already impressive teases in the past. John Dagger´s gruff, raspy and telling vocals work so well on fast-paced, upbeat punk bangers like “Heads & Breakables” and “Concrete Block” — both amazing choices to open the record with. Lovely 1-2 combo. On the former, opening with the salvo of ´Who are ya? Where are ya now?´ arrests you. Demanding your attention which is captured throughout the remainder of the album.

This self-titled never lets up and is a remarkable debut. Even with low-tempo breathers and interludes here and there, Stay Clean Jolene have done immense justice to critics who made it known why this band should be on your radar. They reconcile so many musical influences yet make a sound that entraps you. More so, it´s a sound that´s their own and John Dagger´s a big reason for this. He uses his mates´ solid musicianship to make a punk record that deserves to squeeze into year-end lists already made.

I love checking out new music. it’s even better when I like it, makes it all the more worthwhile. I knew nothing about Stay Clean Jolene before I got this 7″³. It is on the excellent Just Say No To Government Music label, split release with 3 other labels. There’s very little info on the sleeve so after 5 seconds I was ready for the needle to hit the record. It made me sit down. It made me write this. I want you to hear them. I wanted to find out more and now it all makes sense.

TO me hardcore music is about singing along to great tunes. It helps if there is a meaning to the songs, they can be played and listened to with great passion. You see the Great St Louis, along with Dauntless Elite are two of the greatest UK punky hardcore bands (Southport would be up there if they met the strict criteria). They are in frankie Stubbs and Leatherface’s shadow but are emerging. Stay Clean Jolene have a connection to the Great St Louis and that’s where the connection comes in. Powerfully packed guitar based tunes that pack a punch. Over in an instant like the sun bursting through clouds. I need more. Brilliant

What’s The Ruckus
Following a path well trodden by the likes of Leatherface and Hot Water Music, Stay Clean Jolene play a kind of gruff punk that you can’t help but shout along to. Featuring members of The Great St. Louis and The Leif Ericsson – a couple of other fine purveyors of UK gruff punk – this four piece are destined to fill the hole that was left in the wake of Frankie Stubbs and co calling it quits yet again.

‘Replica’ is the first track to be taken from the band’s forthcoming full length, out later this year on Dead Broke Rekerds, and features the standard chugging guitars and driving bass lines that comes with this style of punk rock. What sets them apart is the vocals which, whilst still rough and ready, have a distinctly English sound; both in terms of accent and delivery.

Oklahoma Lefty
Stay Clean Jolene’s self-titled full-length debut is a blast of everything that is good in punk rock right now. Mixing big hooks with bigger choruses, Stay Clean Jolene finds that perfect spot that is equal parts Leatherface, Dillinger Four, The Bouncing Souls, Iron Chic, and Chris Wollard & the Ship Thieves, making songs that are catchy as hell, full of energy, and a joy to listen to. In a way I’m not really sure what else to say about this record other than it is fucking brilliant and one of the best of the year. Seriously, go out and get this right now.

featuring members of The Great St louis and The Leif Ericsson, one of the best debut 7″s I´ve heard for a long time.
3 Killer tunes for fans of Broccoli/ Leatherface/ Motorhead/ Husker Du.
As well as my own label (Drunken Sailor), also released on Just Say No To Government Music (UK), Rad Girlfriend (USA), Eager Beaver (Japan)

Collective Zine
Melodic punk rock of a particularly high order here from a band who comprise ex-members of the likes of The Great St. Louis and The Leif Ericsson – veritable veterans of this type of music. Those previous bands give a good indication as to the sounds on offer here and John Dagger of The Great St. Louis is on vocal duties. They deliver three stonking, gritty tunes with gruff vocals harking back to the likes of Broccoli and Leatherface. The last one, “Record”, is an absolute barnstormer with its lyrics and anthemic chorus – this one is as fine a tune as I have heard in yonks of this type of music. I think I might have listened to this song nine times already this morning and it’s only 11:02am. For some, this kind of music may have been overdone lately but this is a band nailing this sound. If they can produce this kind of quality over a full length it is going to be something special.

Steve – Hey Suburbia Podcats
STAY CLEAN JOLENE – s/t {JSNTGM, Eager Beaver, Drunken Sailor, Rad Girlfriend} Bloody hell, this is pretty fucking good!! I’ve never even heard of this four-piece band before but it apparently includes ex-members of GREAT ST LOUIS and LEIF ERICCSON. This is a cracking 3-track 7″ of gruff, raucous yet catchy Punk Rock that could be described as the perfect fusion of early SNUFF intensity and LEATHERFACE dynamics. The closing song, ‘Record’, could in fact be lifted straight off ‘Mush’ – yep, THAT good! The guitarist can play a pretty good solo too – not widdly-widdly Metal wank but a lead that enhances a song in the way solos enhance the best SOCIAL DISTORTION songs. Lead song, ‘Green’, is a stunner – melodic, powerful and loose enough to swagger but tight enough to burn your speakers with its very own fire-ball Punk blast. A truly stunning little disc – the worst thing about the band, in fact, is their rather odd name. Roll on an album – interview could be pending! (20.06.14)

Sniggih Werdna
Well it´s, or should I say they, have finally arrived – circa 150 neatly shrink wrapped copies of the Stay Clean Jolene CD courtesy of Steve at Bombed Out Records. Things move fast these days and even before I can get a few words let alone pictures up on the social network, I am already in receipt of enthusiastic Facebook posts, URL´s of websites streaming the tunes and witnessing rave reviews (dare I say it …. ) from both sides of our great North Atlantic puddle.

It´s a rare occurrence these days for any UK punk release to be the subject of anything approaching what might be termed as ´anticipation´, however ever since their S/T debut 7″ got great written votes of confidence from the likes of Hey Suburbia and Culturia, and previews of their tracks were snook out via sites such as Ruckus and Punk News, expectations about this upcoming release have been simmering nicely. Having been lucky enough to be privy to some great SCJ live shows and snippets of these recordings as they developed, I was excited to at last see and enjoy the final product in all it´s glory.

I carefully slotted in the CD into the player whilst travelling to watch China Drum in Manchester. After absorbing the first few seconds of Concrete Block we all agreed that this album was definitely the poison of choice for the impending trans Pennine journey. The Swapmeet Kid (he of a million punk records) summed it up in his usually succinct way as ´brilliant´ continually being drawn back to track 2, Heads and Breakables, each tome greeting the chorus with his own impassioned rendition of ´it´s hard admitting mistakes !´. I found myself grinning and nodding in agreement

10 tracks, each of them with great melodies, possibly some of the ´best´ vocals I´ve heard in years and terrific guitar work make this an absolute stand out record. All the tracks are memorable and for a release that uses the same ingredients for each song it sounds remarkably fresh throughout. The added definition on the vocals and the subtle intricacies of Will´s guitar work that come out in the final mix, really enhance the listening experience. Having listened from start to finish quite a few times now, one thing that strikes me is how my preferred tracks chop and change and I find this as a always a sign of strength in an album.

At the moment Miles Apart, Green (reassuring to discover I have been singing the correct lyrics for the last 12 months or so), All I Need and Replica are hitting the spot, but alas these will probably alter as quickly as the weather changes or my mood swings.

There´s a real depth to this record – the lyrics have been described elsewhere as ´heartfelt´ and I can´t disagree with that. A great collection of personal reflections from one ´life story´ to date. The words are accessible and easy to relate to but sufficiently enigmatic to spark the imagination. I think these are sometimes the most difficult kind of lyrics to write, particularly to come across in a convincing way, but John carries it off really well. In our synthetic world it´s great listening to something that can stir us in good ways, oooooof ! ….. that sounds a bit prurient doesn´t it ……. but it feels good and honest, so I´m believing it !

Is it premature to give it album of the year – maybe as it´s only a week old ? …. but I´m struggling thinking of any 2014 release to beat it ! Roll on with the next chapter and let´s hope the Stay Clean Jolene juggernaut keeps steam-rolling on ….

Write Yer Ane Zine
Though only released at the start of December, Stay Clean Jolene march instantly onto the “Best of”¦” lists by unleashing an instant punk rock classic. With premium punk rock pedigree featuring members of The Great St. Louis and The Leif Ericsson, SCJ bring together the finest ingredients of UK punk rock and mix with a veteran’s seasoning and experience, the likes of which can’t be faked. Instantly hooky, accessible, melodic and memorable whilst being full of shred, harmonies and more than a hint of darkness, this LP blows the pretenders away. Remember where you saw them first too!

I’m a sucker for Christmas, I love the whole sentimentality of it. The signs that one year is nearly complete and we can prepare for the next. OF course the cynical punk rocker in me gets pushed deep down as commercialism is to the fore in this season. Christmas gives people in the west a chance to take stock of where we are, what we have and what we have done over the past 12 months. Personally I feel like I’ve had a long sleep and we are back again. Thankfully though there’s been a good soundtrack to my sleep. That soundtracks has included some really cool UK diy punky hardcore bands. There’s a whole stream out there bashing away at their guitars , playing like their lives depend on it and holding on to some sort of hope.

As someone who gladly attends the annual Rebellion punk festival it is heartening to see old punks hanging on to what they believe in and treating each other well. Under the surface of the leather, bristles spikes and anarchy there is a movement of players who came from that punk scene but wanted their tunes to really shine through. Few of them play at Rebellion but these people are in bands like Bedford Falls, The No Marks, Southport, Bear trade, Epic Problem and Holiday. There’s a ton more, like the people around the Make That A Take scene in Scotland. If you’ve ever read this blog you’ll have seen me championing them here and on my radio show

One of the best 7″³’s in recent years came from Boltons Stay Clean Jolene, I wrote previously after being privileged to see them play this year, “soaring guitars, heartfelt tunes and an integrity that can’t be made up. We are lucky to have bands like stay clean jolene. Lucky they want to continue to play music to 100 people and lucky they feel lucky to do so. Southport the same. They are incredible. 3 people having fun playing to their friends, regardless if they know them or not. Such talent, criminally ignored but whilst it is that way we can still cling on to them.” And now they have released their album. And it’s Christmas time.

10 songs of action packed guitar tunes. It is heartfelt and has more than a nod to Husker Du and Leatherface. leaving it with thos comparisons is lazy and unfair. I’m just trying to help you. They have their own stamp. Guitars soar with tunes that leave you wanting more. They are anthems, tuneful and clear. I have listenened to this record at least 10 times in two days, it’s that good. Just like Santa Claus, if only the world could be like this all the time, I could ignore all the austerity and measures imposed on the populace.

I bet Stay Clean Jolene would be on the side of the people. A sure sign of community is the fact that so many labels have released this record. Well three have clubbed in for the vinyl and two, at least, for the cd. I only wished I wasn’t too late to the party and could have been their Irish distributor.

Do your best to check this out

I Buy Way Too Many Records
Now it´s gotten to the point where I am scrambling to get the reviews I need to have done before I am able to put up my top albums of the year list. I´m actually delaying the list now, in large part because of this Stay Clean Jolene album. Even though it´s a really late entry into the list of 2014 releases, I had a feeling it was going to be one of the best. I wasn´t wrong.

As I had bought and written about the band´s debut 7″ a while ago, I was pretty confident I´d be into this record. Stay Clean Jolene even exceeded my lofty expectations. UK based, Stay Clean Jolene drawing from the rich history of amazing melodic punkers they have over there. You can hear the touch stones of Leatherface and Snuff, especially in the way the guitar weaves in and out, creating layers of leads and chords that elevate each song to be something special. The vocals actually remind me a bit of bands like Dan Padilla. There´s some gravel in the raspy delivery, but it´s a bit smoother and really carries melody better than a lot of bands that go down this path.

I do have one negative thing to say and it´s not even anything about any of the actual songs. I was a little disappointed that 3 of the 10 songs on the album had already been released on the bands first 7″. Being the selfish bastard I am, I would have preferred 10 new songs. But, if you don´t already have the 7″ for some reason, it just makes picking up this full length even more essential. Stay Clean Jolene was worth holding up my year end list for. Hopefully I can have it finished up early next week. Stay tuned.


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