Jsntgm 037 Punch Drunk – Sassy CD


Limited Edition Compact Disc.
Compact Disc (CD) + Digital Album

Comes in a CD jewel case with full colour album booklet.

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CD Track Listing:

01 – Chump Change
02 – Wrecking Ball
03 – Stumble
04 – Quilt
05 – The Blues
06 – Red-Handed
07 – Giddy
08 – Lane
09 – Old Ghost
10 – Migraine


September 26, 2019

Although the bands used to describe Punch Drunk’s sound include Hot Water Music, Hüsker Dü, and Jawbreaker I am adding The Doughboys, All Systems Go!, and Red Collar to the list. In fact, the first two— obviously connected groups—of those three latter bands were my first ports of call when considering comparisons to Punch Drunk. There are some really strong songs here and the highs are much more prevalent than the few lows. Although on a further plus side, having played this quite a few times now, even some of those lows are beginning to sit nicely in my head. An impressive debut. –Rich Cocksedge (Disillusioned, disillusionedrecords@gmail.com, Disillusionedrecords.bandcamp.com / Engineer, engineersrecords.com / Just Say No To Government Music, jsntgm.com)

Riot 77
Coming across as a combination of The Beltones and Husker Du, Nottingham’s Punch Drunk are as likely to glide through sombre or subtle shadings as they are to reach for the power chords. Edgy, tuneful Punk that doesn’t sound like a carbon copy of anyone else. The music has a potent guitar kick while the lyrics deal with personalized observations on the world. All songs are punctuated by a melodic arrangement, yet there’s definitely substance to Punch Drunk and its obvious they’ve got something going on here.

Cian Hynes


Compact Disc, Digital Album

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