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Daisies for the Galaxy C.D. (Some big label)

Mellower than their / his last album ,not as good but still worth acquiring. This guy E did a session on Xfm a month or so ago and he is way out there with a really varied musical taste. He has a really haunting voice too. 6/10

Minister of Order and Reason

If All Else Fails C.D. (Epitaph / Fat Wreck)

As soon as the first track “You’re never gonna win if you marry a girl from Marin” was underway I knew my purchase was worthwhile. I got this band’s first album (eponymously “Bracket”) about 4 years ago which scored 6/10 ,their track on Short Music for Short People (101 punk compilation tracks “Fat Wreck) scored 8/10 but this gets a resounding 9/10. Fast chunky but really melodic ,one of the best vocalists around in my humble opinion. Tracks 1 and 3 rock big time by the way.

Minister of Order and Reason

Based On a True Story C.D. (Deep Elm)

This is my favourite album so far this year ,it rocks !! I would say it is more varied than “Never Mind” (Nirvana) and the best release to date on probably the best label around. Now that is some going as this label boasts the likes of Camber, Brandston and the once amazing Starmarket. This 7 track debut album is absolutely amazing .. buy it either from or ” you will not be disappointed it gets 10/10 and that’s not only from me but everyone I’ve played it at. Minister of Order and Reason

Numb Nuts C.D. (Deceptive)

Not many of you will know that the mighty Snuff played with the Blaggers at the Tache in Blackpool under the name “Guns and Wankers” .. I say this as only 50 people turned up .. and they were excellent so more fool you !!! This is a good solid album (as you would expect) and the first track “Pixies” (about the Freemasons) is great. Prolific for over 10 years now, yet still humorous and original , I give it 7.5/10 and doff my cap to one of the top 5 British bands of the nineties.

Minister of Order and Reason

Calendar C.D and Four Hours Light C.D. (Deep Elm)

Two reviews in one here, both on the DeepElm label and by the Swedish band Starmarket. The reason for reviewing both is that one gets 10 out of 10 and one gets no more than 3 out of 10. The Calendar CD is amazing. Excellent thoughtful lyrics, superb vocals, top production and great songs make this an absolute must. Then there comes “Four Hours Light” which they describe as a New Dimensional Sound. Far poppier, excessive digital production and the songs bar one ar two just aren’t there. I was so disappointed with this release ,I had ordered it direct from Deep Elm ( ) on the day of release because I was so keen to get a copy. I’m sure they will still produce the goods when it is right for them .. and you’ll all go a long way to hear something better than Calendar.

Minister of Order and Reason

Automatic Midnight C.D.

Not quite sure on this one. My friends Sean, Spig and Alan are all raving about it but to be honest I am not. Don’t get me wrong it’s not bad, but it’s not strumming my vital chords ? I don’t know if this has anything to do with the fact that it arrived in the same consignment as the next C.D. I will review (thus it was relatively weak) or just that the scuzzyness thing is not my thang ?? I have loaned this out so I can’t remember the label, but it’s Speedo from Rocket From the Crypt on guitar and Drive Like Jehu it’s in a red case ,anyhow 5/10, but I promise to listen to it a few more times.

Minister of Order and Reason

Horsebox C.D. (BYO)

After the last release a split with Hot Water Music you can see England’s finest song writing son is still as good as ever. This varied CD has 14 tracks. Looks like Frankie is sharing the writing with his new band members, as they feature in the individual songwriting credits.Track 2 Evo Pop is my favourite and their rendition of the Nick Cave Ship Song is terrific ,even Cyndie Lauper’s True Colours gets a good hammering. Gutsy, gravelly and great. We need to have this band back in our town soon ,the best British band of the last 10 years 8.5/10.

Minister of Order and Reason

Nothing Feels Good CD (Jade Tree)

Formed by guys from Cap’n Jazz ,this is awesome. Melodic and really interesting lyrics, good production and good songs. Their address is Wisconsin which I like as it makes a change to New York and California. The best tracks are the opener Delaware and number 11 Jesus Was A Fisherman. Again a favourite of Alans and I give this 9/10.

Minister of Order and Reason

A Tribute to The Ruts : Compilation C.D. (Rejected)

I played this at Kez’s indoor camping party a few Saturday’s ago and everyone liked it. There are a lot of these compilations around these days, and this is one of the best. Features tracks from Wat Tyler, Red Alert and Travis Cut amongst others. 16 tracks ,my personal favourites off this being Red Alert’s version of Shine On Me and Travis Cut’s version of In A Rut.There’s actually a badge embedded in the crystal case .. I have not seen that before .. looks good. Real neat packaging from this good Irish label (hello there !) .. neat sleeve notes from Jon Active (Hi Jon) outlining his personal love affair with this awesome band back in the late 70’s leading upto Malcolm Owen’s premature departure from this earthly realm in July 1990 (RIP) .. When I read these words I felt very sad. Good and worthy project, well executed 7.5/10

Minister of Order and Reason

Power of the letter A

This will become available with Issue Two and will carry all our favourite bands beginning with the “Letter A” ,and be entitled the “Power of The Letter A” ,you’ll have to get your seatbelt on for ATV/Adicts/ANL (Vendor)/Alan Ginsberg/Appleseed Cast/ Appleorchard/ Anthrax/ Amebix etc. Future copies will have compilation tapes based on other letters of the alphabet ,the next but one will probably be B, but who knows I might just mix it up to keep you on your toes .. don’t know what I’ll do when I get to X ???? The idea here is that you send me a blank tape and SAE and I then run off a copy for you ,good idea or what ??? (Repeat —- “Yes Minster of Order and Reason that is a good idea” 5 times).

Minister of Order and Reason

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