Tired Radio – Patterns LP / CD

We are so pleased to play a very small part helping with this excellent release from Tired Radio. The original CD and download was released in August 2020 and this follow up 12” on pink vinyl is spearheaded by the relentless David from the excellent Engineer Records along with seven other labels Sinking Ship Records, Pyrrhic Victory, Wolfman, We Are Sharks, Sonic Slap and Shield Recordings.

When I first heard Making Plans (track 2) I was hooked pretty much as soon as the second guitar kicked in with that great riff – like many good riffs, it’s simple but effective and fits the song, mood and moment perfectly. Making Plans has an anthemic feel about it, with excellent layered backing vocals throughout to delight and tease even the most discerning ear. A great song that flows effortlessly throughout and works well as it has all its ingredients in the right proportions.

Straight up and without time for a second’s breath is track 3 ‘Send for a Hospital’. Here we have a similar winning formula supplemented once again by good lyrics which wax about that old human conundrum of being amongst people whilst still being very much alone.

Another personal highlight is track 6 Five Day Bender about a road trip to Denver  (Colorado) which is strangely enough something I once did in my younger days, although without copious amounts of alcohol. This creational journey has real momentum and works brilliantly when consumed with lyrics. The abandon and distances travelled between verse and chorus reminds me of how I felt listening to early Superchunk.

In total Patterns is 8 varied tracks all well worth listening to and described by Tim Cundle (Mass Movement) as ‘a deeply personal, reflective and moving album’. In his review Tim describes the album as an interlude before hitting that reset button – that elusive moment of untainted bliss when freedom is briefly but finally achieved. I agree with his assessment and like any music that goes deep this album twists the prism and grants permission for you to take the ‘you’ out of yourself – and dear Jesus how we all need that.

The songs are all authored by Anthony Truzzolino and linked by thread of melancholy which winds its way delicately track to track through the album. Unfortunately the album is over far too quickly (always a sign of a good release) and that still feels the case after multiple listens.

So, thanks for Engineer Records for asking us to get involved with the release and I hope you get chance to listen to the music – it really is advised.  These much awaited circular slices of pink vinyl have now arrived at Rox Towers (Our Landing Station on The Gold Coast) and the first pre-orders are being despatched  to extraneous locations today.

​Tired Radio are : Anthony Truzzolino, vocals and guitar, Ryan Barnes, guitar, Jason St Angelo, Bass and Kevin Daly, drums.

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