In September 2004 we applied to The Arts Council for a grant to finance a CD of Blackpool music entitled “The Ugly Truth About Blackpool”. Thanks to the assistance and hard work of all involved we recently received notification that the application had been successful. Blackpool (like many towns) has a long history of producing creative underground music. The bands and their songs contrast starkly, in both style and intent, with the picture postcard images for which the town is most famous.

The “Ugly Truth About Blackpool” is the working title because it neatly reflects that ‘remainder’, that non-mainstream element, which will hopefully continue to persist in an increasingly mainstream world. We have been collecting local records, tapes, CD’s for a few years and have built up an arsenal of material on over 1,000 Blackpool bands. The Arts Council funds will obviously not stretch to the reproduction of the vast bulk of this material, so this project is focused on producing a free CD of bands from the mid 70’s onwards.This project will hopefully lead to other local initiatives to spread the good music to the good people of Blackpool, so get in touch if you think you can help us in anyway. If you have material you want to send us please do (see contact section). Watch local press for details.

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