Update April 2016

Apologies for the lack of information lately, things have been moving slowly but hopefully they are now clicking back into place. FYI we raised £250 for Streetlife from the last issue of Blackpool Rox. We are starting to work on the next issue, if you have anything you would like to submit please get in touch here.

Stay Clean Jolene – have a new drummer whose first outing will be supporting Dillinger 4 at the Dome on the 28th April.

We will be working the SCJ merchandise stand on the night so please come up check out the band’s CD, single and t-shirts and more importantly say hello – www.facebook.com/events/143291009378846/

SICK56 – The boys will be playing with Anti-Pasti, Cosmic Slop, The Drop Out Wives, Alpha State of Mind and Litterbug at Brian Reddington’s 50th Birthday Party bash at The Waterloo (Blackpool) this weekend (April 23rd) – as well as being St George’s and Shakespeare’s big day it’s also UK Nige’s birthday, so come along and celebrate with all of us – should be fun. www.facebook.com/events/435510723312377/

Erase Today – unearthed footage of 3 songs. Two tracks from the Colour Sound and Vibration CD (1997). Where Angels Tread www.youtube.com/watch?v=PlkrA9TunxI and Feels Like Rain with footage from the band’s first ever gig www.youtube.com/watch?v=R_AudDArTYA and a live version of

The Unknown www.youtube.com/watch?v=oAUqBxJ36Rg (The Farmers Arms 1994).

Litterbug – New CD / EP ‘Artistic Harrasment’– check out what Soundshark have to say. www.thesoundshark.com/2016/04/18/litterbug . You can order the CD for £3.75 including P&P by PayPal or snail-mail cash to Rox Towers.

Andy Higgins –A brief 1 min 22 seconds rendition of a new one which got a few more likes than normal on Facebook. Possibly a new song for SICK56, unlikely it will ever be a Litterbug song, maybe a post-Erase Today or Higgins++ song or forever just a work in progress .. who knows ? www.youtube.com/watch?v=1sTfctbdG3I .

Blackpool FC – THE STRUGGLE CONTINUES. As the despicable owners continue to pursue fans through the civil courts for the crime of ‘speaking out’ please support our Justice for Fans sponsored walk this Saturday (www.crowdfunding.justgiving.com/BSTJ4F) – they will not silence us.

We also have a community march (Judgement Day 2) on April 30th at 10.30 am setting off from the Blue Room along the promenade to Bloomfield Road. Fans of all clubs are welcome to join us along with the scooter out-riders, a brass band and thousands of local people in sticking two fingers up at the owners who seem intent on teaching the supporters a lesson by running it into the ground. First they ignored us, then they mocked us, then they fought us – then we won ! Oyston Out ! www.facebook.com/tangerineknightssupport

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