Update February 2013

The latest interview in the ‘Never Mind the Politics, Here’s the Music’ with Jello Biafra (Dead Kennedys – Lard – Guantanamo School of Medicine) is available on  – two x 10 minute videos covering everything from the politics of the counterculture and the emergence of punk ……. to its corporatisation during the 90’s and beyond. All Jello’s answers were unrehearsed first takes straight off the bat – pretty amazing really.

The debut 7” single by Stay Clean Jolene (jsntgm 026) is available …. 3 track e.p. is released in conjunction with our friends at Drunken Sailor (UK), Eager Beaver (Japan) and Rad Girlfriend (USA) features members of Great St Louis and Leif Ericsson.

The debut 7” single by Holiday (jsntgm 027) should be available March/April 2013 …. 4 track e.p. on green vinyl will be released in conjunction with the good people at Pumpkin Records (UK), Lost Cat (USA), Brassneck (UK), Anti-Korper Export (Germany) featuring members of Great St Louis, Autonomads, Black Star Dub Collective and Dead Subverts.

Blackpool’s quirky alternative trio Litterbug are recording new material which will hopefully be out in time for Rebellion (this will be a belated but welcomed follow up to their ‘Speaking Through the Gaps’ release – jsntgm 019) and we also hope to have some debut material from the rather clandestine ‘We Are Mormon$’.

Thanks once again for paying attention – and remember your doubts are the real traitors !

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