Update January 2017

Sorry for the delay in updating – the Black Dog took up residence in ‘Rox Towers’ for a few months but now thankfully seems to be on its way.

The ‘Saturday Morning Punk Rock Show’ (SMPRS …)
The ‘Saturday Morning Punk Rock Show’ (SMPRS) is our latest DIY offering – recorded on an I-Phone every Saturday morning strangely enugh. The Ghost of the North West Coast (GOTNWC) pretty much runs the show and is always happy to take requests ….

18 ‘Ghosts of the North West Coast’

SMPRS 1 – Shake it Off (Taylor Swift)
SMPRS 2 – Holiday in Cambodia, Moon Over Marin, Police Truck (Dead Kennedys)
SMPRS 3 – Boys of Summer (Don Henley)
SMPRS 4 – Titanium (David Guetta)
SMPRS 5 – Garage-man-land (The Clash)
SMPRS 6 – England Belongs to Me (Cock Sparrer)
SMPRS 7 – Captain (Biffy Clyro)
SMPRS 8 – Martin (Snuff)
SMPRS 9 – Sound of Silence (Simon and Garfunkel)
SMPRS 9 – Nickels and Dimes (Social Distortion)
SMPRS 10 – Are we Mormon$ or Karsten Janckers$ (Killers / Fillers)
SMPRS 12 – Sunshine Every Day
SMPRS 13 – A Song for Jeremy (it came to me in a dream)
SMPRS 14 – The Most Dangerous Place is Inside Your Head
SMPRS 15 – Movie Star
SMPRS 16 – An Xmas Song
SMPRS 17 – Know Your Enemy (Tory Corner)
SMPRS 18 – Ghosts of the North West Coast
SMPRS 19 – Poison in Your Veins (Sick56)

Blackpool Rox Fanzine – issue 11
The latest edition of Blackpool Rox fanzine is available for FOC download or buy a copy via snail-mail for £2.00 plus £1.00 postage (use paypal – andy@jsntgm.com)

New Releases for 2017
Music from SICK56, Stay Clean Jolene and Litterbug are all in the offing – CD or vinyl who knows as yet?

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