Update June 2006

Sorry for the lack of on screen activity but we have been busy as hell. SICK56’s 2nd album ‘Punishmnent’ , When People Become Numbers debut album ‘Convenience’, and the ‘Ugly Truth about Blackpool Volume 2’ CD will all be released in early August. Launch events for these releases will be held over the H.I.T.S. weekend. A vastly improved Blackpool Rox will also be out in August inclusing a free copy of UTAB2. Erase Today, WPBN and Under The Pavement Radio are doing a UTAB2 fundraiser on Saturday August 12th. We will soon start arranging the line up for the Summer Daze 3 all day free festival in Stanley Park Blackpool on August 27th. If you use Rupert Murdoch’s MySpace please check out myspace.com/erasetodayblackpool and myspace.com/higginsplusplus where you will find more up to date info about all these events.

ERASE TODAY – click HERE to visit the new Myspace site!

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