Update November 2005

Read Andy’s “Punk and Philosophy Article” Part 1 which on-line at www.scannerzine.com and www.trakmarx.com which offers some introspective ramblings against a background of famous ‘punk rock¹ lyrics. Listen to the ‘Ugly truth About Blackpool¹ 4 hour Radio Show ­broadcast throughout November on seasidersradio.co.uk web radio. Watch a free pre-release MP3 of HIGGINS++ live in Fleetwood – with Tommy of One Way System guesting on drums on http://strummermag.info/ live videos.

Click here http://www.fedge.net/emi/ to see why you should FUCK EMI and SONY/BMG just like they are trying to FUCK you. Don’t buy their shit ! Pirate it while you still can and distribute it for free. Don’t fall for their lies that they support artists – they support themselves, their shareholders and their corporate media-entertainmant-business complex. Oh and while I am at it get that fuckin shit MTV2 ‘commercial free’ bollocks of the air – NOW !

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