Update Septemeber 2012

Keeping you all posted in what is going on in the world of justsaynotogovernmentmusic records. We are filming a series of interviews for our documentary project ‘Never Mind the Politics – Here’s The Music’. First up is Tim Smith (The Adverts, Cheap, TV Smith and the Valentines) – and we are currently editing interviews with Jello Biafra, Dick Lucas, Steve Drewett, John Robb and they should be on line soon. With people asking ‘where are the modern protest songs ?’ and ‘what has happened to political music?’ is politics disappearing from popular music culture ? Check out the links below and decide if politics really is being bleached out of music culture … or is just operating in different and less obvious ways.
Our next scheduled release (jsntgm 026) is the debut 7” single from Stay Clean Jolene. It’s a cracking 3 track e.p. featuring members of Great St Louis and Leif Ericsson. We are releasing this in conjunction with our friends at Drunken Sailor, Eager Beaver and Rad Girlfriend – should be out in October 2012. Keep warm, keep in touch and keep paying attention …..

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